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Abu Dhabi Weather

Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Weather and Climate: When to visit - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, UAE

The weather in Abu Dhabi is cooler from November to April. Therefore, many holidaymakers flying to Abu Dhabi consider the best time to visit Abu Dhabi at anytime between November and April when the climate is at its most appealing, the weather is sunny and the skies are blue. October, March and also April tend to be the best months for those planning to go to the sandy beaches in Abu Dhabi and enjoy the plentiful sunshine.

Current Weather



37 °C | 99 °F

(feels like
38 °C | 100 °F)

Cloud Cover 0%

Humidity 20%

Visibility 16 km | 10 mls

Wind From NNW

Wind Conditions 22 km/h | 14 mph

5 Day Forecast



High (°C | °F)

Low (°C |°F)



Sunrise 5:59 AM

Sunset 6:45 PM

Sunny and hot
Sunny and hot

40 | 104

26 | 79

8 km/h
5 mph


Sunrise 5:59 AM

Sunset 6:46 PM

Partly sunny and hot
Partly sunny and hot

37 | 99

26 | 79

12 km/h
8 mph


Sunrise 5:58 AM

Sunset 6:46 PM

Hot with times of sun and clouds
Hot with times of sun and clouds

37 | 99

26 | 79

11 km/h
7 mph


Sunrise 5:57 AM

Sunset 6:47 PM

Plenty of sun, hot and less humid
Plenty of sun, hot and less humid

37 | 99

26 | 79

9 km/h
6 mph


Sunrise 5:56 AM

Sunset 6:47 PM

A full day of sunshine
A full day of sunshine

33 | 91

24 | 75

16 km/h
10 mph

If you do visit Abu Dhabi during the summer, then you will appreciate having a fully air-conditioned hotel accommodation. Low humidity particularly during the summer in Al Ain, the second largest city in the Abu Dhabi Emirate, makes it a popular destination for many people during that climate in Al Ain. To make the most of your summer holidays in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, visit sights early in the morning or later in the evening, and spend your time in cool restaurants, hotels and shopping malls in the peak of the day.

January, February and December tend to be the coolest months in Abu Dhabi, although by day, temperatures don't seem to vary too far from 22°C / 72°F or 23°C / 73°F. Some days may experience a cool breeze, which will mean that a jacket or pullover will be required, especially during the evenings.

Abu Dhabi Weather and Climate Chart: When to go - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, UAE

 Abu Dhabi weather in  Maximum  Minimum
 January  23°C / 73°F  12°C / 54°F
 February  24°C / 75°F  14°C / 57°F
 March  27°C / 81°F  16°C / 61°F
 April  30°C / 86°F  18°C / 64°F
 May  34°C / 93°F  22°C / 72°F
 June  36°C / 97°F  25°C / 77°F
 July  38°C / 100°F  28°C / 82°F
 August  39°C / 102°F  28°C / 82°F
 September  37°C / 99°F  25°C / 77°F
 October  33°C / 91°F  22°C / 72°F
 November  31°C / 88°F  18°C / 64°F
 December  26°C / 79°F  14°C / 57°F

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