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Dip Gandhi

Lulu Island in Abu Dhabi - Guide

By our Abu Dhabi Local Expert

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A visit to Abu Dhabi is not complete without soaking oneself in the most pristine beaches in the city. UAE surprisingly has a number of islands with beautiful white-sand beaches. The most famous is probably Lulu Island.

My Destination

Believe it or not, Lulu Island is a 1000 acre man-made structure started in 1988 and land reclamation was completed in 1992. For a time, the island was on a hiatus. It was closed to the public after much development was dropped. Fortunately, the government made some changes in the island and was opened to the public in 2007.  The objective of the Lulu island development is to create a special world of experience, combining entertainment with the cultural, recreational and leisure elements and to offer amenities which include marinas, gardens, canals, botanical gardens, children play zones and a variety of resort accommodations.

In 2007, basic facilities were available for the public to enjoy. The island stretches up to 7 kilometers in length. Two restaurants were opened to the public as well as four coffee shops. The best asset of the island is the long stretches of white sand and changing rooms and cafeterias were available. Two artificial fresh water lakes were also built. The island also housed a Mosque. 

The only way to go to Lulu Island was through a ferry and the travel will be about 30 minutes. However, in 2009, the island was officially closed. Projects and developments are currently being made in Lulu Island. The island will become a traveler’s paradise with its ambitious development. The island is currently closed to public. 
Improvements on the island will be dramatic and will show the legacy of how far Abu Dhabi has gone. The developments will focus on the commercial and residential aspect of the island. The unique location of the area, near the city and floating in the sea, the island is perfect for both commercialization and a relaxed residential area.

The master plan shows a permanent bridge to and from the Island and Abu Dhabi. This will make transportation easier and make the island more accessible to the public. This bridge will contribute to the materialization of Abu Dhabi as one of the best metropolis in the world. 

There will also be a 400 km landmark that will be known (tentative name) as Lulu Tower or Oyster Shell. The tower is not a simple infrastructure, it is more than a landmark, it will show how collective help can make a man-made island into a world class tourist attraction
One of the most prestigious and impressive developer, Sorouh is developing the said island. They plan to build a lifestyle for everyone. They want to recreate a complete urban experience in this man-made island. The place would be perfect for families, couples and individuals. They will be building low rise apartments, townhouses and villas. The reason for ‘low rise’ is because they do not want the skyscrapers to block the beautiful beach view of Abu Dhabi. Their main lifestyle themes are business, city, luxury, outdoor, modern and waterfront all at the same time. 
The development aims to create a place with a great balance of urban and relaxed at the same time. Most importantly, a very good amount of space in the beach will be open. This part of the beach will be for the public so they can enjoy the pristine white sand and the beach experience within an urbanized setting.

Abu Dhabi is a very promising city. In fact, it has gone beyond what everyone has expected. The place has become a traveler’s haven for its unique Arabian hospitality, its shopping centers, its magnificent architectural success and most of all, the mystifying culture. The UAE is not just an oil country, or the country in the desert, it is the country of beauty, riches, luxury, comfort and coziness all at once. Definitely, Abu Dhabi is a must see and a place to experience.

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