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Driving in Abu Dhabi, UAE

      For new visitors to Abu Dhabi, it is a good idea to hire a car until the residency visas get stamped. If the visitor has got a valid international driving license (at least one year old) issued by the country from which their driving license has been granted, he can rent and drive a car in Abu Dhabi. Nationals or residents of other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries do not require an international driving license to drive or rent a car in Abu Dhabi emirate as they can drive a car for a period of 3 months with a GCC-issued driving license. Visitors cannot use their national license for driving purpose in the Emirate.

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      Several international car rental companies are operating in the United Arab Emirates and it is better do a car rental price comparison before going to hire a car as the prices may vary from shop to shop. If you need to book a 'rent a car' online, you can use our Book Your Trip search template to compare the car rental prices in Abu Dhabi and book the best deals online. Driving in Abu Dhabi is quite interesting without any toll gates in the emirate but if you plan to visit Dubai, crossing the Salik toll gates may add some extra dirhams to your rental charges. The documents required for car hiring are a passport copy, credit card and a valid driving license. Driving license should always be in your possession while driving and it needs to be produced if requested by police during checking on the roads. In the UAE, it is a right hand side driving and it is mandatory to wear seat belts while driving. Kids less than 10 years old are not allowed to sit in the front seats and it may cause penalty if not followed the rule.


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      Several petrol pumps are available on the main roads open round the clock and run by ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). Many essential car services like wind screen cleaning, oil changes, car washes etc. are available at the petrol pumps in Abu Dhabi along with a mini shopping outlet. The driving speed limit in the Abu Dhabi city roads are around 60 to 80 km per hour and on the main highways it goes up to 100 to 120 km per hour. Speed limits are indicated on road signs at regular intervals. Driving beyond the speed limit will invite fine as several radar cameras are located on the sides of the roads. Driver may not get any indication when you are caught in the speed tracking camera until you get a chance to check the vehicle account at In case you come across any car breakdowns, it is advisable to keep your car away from the yellow line until you get help from the Police or agencies providing breakdown or recovery services in Abu Dhabi. Better to make sure your mobile is functioning all the time to help you make help requests if any emergency situation arises.

      Any accident faced on the roads including minor hit and scratches to be reported to the police immediately and get the investigation report without which insurance claims and the vehicle repair works will not be easy. In case you require any police assistance, just park your car on the side of the road and dial 999 for emergency help and wait until the police arrive. While driving in Abu Dhabi highways, you will always see beautiful sceneries on the sides making the visit an unforgettable journey.   

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