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Dip Gandhi

Important Phone Numbers in Abu Dhabi, UAE

By our Abu Dhabi Local Expert

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      If you are planning a trip to another country, make sure you know how to get help if the need arises. The best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. Make sure your family knows emergency phone numbers in Abu Dhabi, UAE and your kids know how to place a call for help. If you are calling 999 from your mobile phone, the police may not have precise enough information to pinpoint your location, so be prepared to give some details about where you are (e.g. city, street number, major highway, Shops or any nearest landmarks). It's always better to be prepared and keep a list of important phone numbers in Abu Dhabi. Also, consider programming some of the useful phone numbers in Abu Dhabi in your cell phone.

      UAE residents will be able to clear all their visa-related questions and enquiries from a new 24-hour hotline service (AMER service). The Dubai-based centre will be ready to answer all the queries relating to visas and naturalization processes across the UAE. Residents can contact the toll free number 8005111 for public complaints, suggestions and enquiries on visa procedures in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or in any other emirates.

Emergency Numbers  
Police 999
Ambulance 998 or 999
Helicopter Ambulance 999
Fire Emergency 999
Coast Guard 996
Municipality 993
Water and Electricity 991 or 992
Weather Forecast +971 (2) 666 7776 ext. 221
Abu Dhabi International Airport +971 (2) 575 7500
Taxi Service  
Al Arabia Taxi +971 2 558 8099

Al Ghazal Express
+971 2 444 5885, +971 3 766 2020 (Al Ain)

Al Ghazal Taxis
+971 2 444 7787, +971 3 751 6565 (Al Ain)

Cars Taxi
+971 2 551 6164

National Taxi
+971 2 555 2212

National Transport Company (NTC)
+971 2 622 3300
Directory Enquiry Service  
Etisalat 181
Du 199

      There are plenty of taxis in Abu Dhabi and they are reasonably priced. The journey from Abu Dhabi Airport to the city normally costs around Dhs.70 to 80. Abu Dhabi taxis can either be flagged down at the roadside or called through any of the taxi booking numbers in Abu Dhabi.

      The country code of UAE is +971. To make a telephone call to a mobile subscriber within the UAE, dial 050 (Etisalat) or 055 (Du) followed by the 7 digit mobile phone number. To call a landline number within the UAE and outside Abu Dhabi, you must dial the city code followed by the seven digit telephone number. The area code of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are (02) and (04) respectively.

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