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Abu Dhabi Roads - Abu Dhabi Street Names

By our Abu Dhabi Local Expert

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      The words Road and Street are often used interchangeably in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi road map has a numerical layout that radiates out from two major roads that form a 'T' in shape. The upper portion of 'T' is The Corniche (1st Street) and the vertical portion is Airport Road (2nd Street) down the middle of the island. The road or street numbers are generated based on these two major roads.

      The streets parallel to the Corniche road are odd numbered with the Corniche road being the 1st Street and then progress to 3-5-7 etc. right down to the bridges in the mainland (ending around 31st street).
As shown in the figure below, 1st street is the Corniche Road and parallel to it, 3rd Street (Khalifa Bin Zayed Street), 5th Street (Hamdan Bin Mohamed Road), 7th Street (Zayed The First Road), 9th Street (Al falah Street), 11th Street (Haaza Bin Zayed Street) and 13th Street (Delma Street) are seen.
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      Abu Dhabi streets parallel to the Airport road and lying on its right side are even numbered with Airport road being the 2nd Street and then progress to 2-4-6 etc. Similarly Abu Dhabi roads parallel to the Airport road and lying on its left side are even numbered with Airport road being the 2nd Street and then progress to 22-24-26 etc.  

As shown in the figure below, 2nd street is the Airport Road and parallel to it on the right side, 4th street (Al Muroor Road), 6th Street (Sixth Street), 8th Street (Al Salam Street), and on the left side 22nd street (Khalid Bin Alwaled Street), 24th Street (Al Karamah Street), 28th Street ( Kalifa Bin Shakbout) and 30th (Al Khaleej Al Arabi) are seen.

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      Within each grid sector between the main roads, the minor roads are also numbered and so there are many different minor roads starting from 1st Street in every sector. Main roads are signposted in blue and minor roads are signposted in green. With the Airport Road as the divider, the Tourist Club Area (TCA) is east and the Emirates Palace side of the island is west. Some road or street names in Abu Dhabi will have East or West added on to indicate what side of the Airport Road they are on.

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