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Algarve Weather

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Our Algarve Weather Forecast is updated every hour and gives you up-to-date information on the weather in the Algarve for the next 5 days. Portugal's climate makes it a great destintion for all kinds of sports -golf, tennis, walking, biking and water sports. Watch the Guinness World Record Monster Wave surf in the video below. Amazing!

Current Weather

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

21 °C | 70 °F

(feels like
21 °C | 70 °F)

Cloud Cover 35%

Humidity 82%

Visibility 16 km | 10 mls

Wind From E

Wind Conditions 9 km/h | 6 mph

5 Day Forecast



High (°C | °F)

Low (°C |°F)



Sunrise 6:50 AM

Sunset 5:42 PM

Intervals of clouds and sunshine
Intervals of clouds and sunshine

23 | 73

18 | 64

17 km/h
11 mph


Sunrise 6:51 AM

Sunset 5:40 PM

Plenty of sunshine
Plenty of sunshine

24 | 75

17 | 63

9 km/h
6 mph


Sunrise 6:52 AM

Sunset 5:39 PM

Sunny to partly cloudy
Sunny to partly cloudy

24 | 75

19 | 66

6 km/h
4 mph


Sunrise 6:53 AM

Sunset 5:38 PM

Pleasant with variable cloudiness
Pleasant with variable cloudiness

24 | 75

18 | 64

17 km/h
11 mph


Sunrise 6:54 AM

Sunset 5:37 PM

Partly sunny and pleasant
Partly sunny and pleasant

24 | 75

18 | 64

16 km/h
10 mph

The Algarve has a wonderful climate with over 3000 hours of sunshine per year making it an excellent year round holiday destination. The summers are hot and dry. Temperatures average around 29º, but can rise into the 30ºs, with up to 12 hours of sunshine per day - ideal for beach holidays. There is usually a cooling sea breeze which keeps the atmosphere light. Spring and autumn are mild. Temperatures average 17 – 20º and there is plenty of sunshine – perfect for golf and other sports. Winters tend to be mild averaging around 15º and this is the season with the most rainfall. The Algarve gets on average 50 days of rainfall all year, most of them between November and February.

So, what should you pack?

If you are visiting the Algarve in the summer, pack a swimsuit and sunscreen and you’re good to go! The evenings are usually warm, but if the sea breeze gets up you may need a jacket. For the spring and autumn, shorts and t shirts will do, but again, in the evening it can become quite cool. Winters are mild but the sea air can make you feel cold so fleece and rain jackets are a good idea.


Watch Garret McNamara ride a monster wave off the coast of Portugal. An official Guinness World Record, the wave was calculated to be 78 feet tall!


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