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Praia do Vau Beach

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Located on the western side of Praia da Rocha and Portimão, Praia do Vau is one of the western Algarve’s most popular beaches. Traditionally, Vau was the beach of choice for wealthy Portuguese families that spent their summers in the Algarve. Today, it is popular with visitors and residents alike.

Access to the beach is direct and easy. There are sunbeds and shades for hire and some water sports available. The beach is serviced by a selection of restaurants serving snacks and meals all day long. Praia do Vau is popular with families as the water is calm and the quality excellent.

The beach can become very crowded during high season, particularly at high tide. But even that does not detract from its beauty. From the main stretch of Praia do Vau beach you can walk towards the East (at low tide) all the way to Praia da Rocha. Towards the west you have the beach Praia do Alemão and many rock pools and coves to explore. In fact, you can walk from the beach onto the cliffs tops and all the way to Prainha and Praia de Alvor.

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