Biggest Baddest Bucket List – Tales From The Top Ten

| April 30, 2013

Tales From the Top 10

In January 2013, My Destination launched a competition with a mission in mind – to find the next global travel superstar. We called it the Biggest Baddest Bucket List, largely because we were going to be giving away the HUGEST most INSANE prize in the history of the universe…and because all the other names we thought of were really quite awful.

Throughout the next couple of months we watched (mouths agape) as entries poured in from all over the world, and on the deadline date of March 31st, we had received an incredible 1,251 submissions from over 640 destinations and more than 110 different countries across the globe.

Once we’d snapped out of our ecstatic stupor, we thought we’d better start reviewing all your hard work*…

…and thus, we came to deciding on our totally awesome Top 10!

On May 18th, the ten finalists will arrive in the UK for a week’s worth of activities and experiences designed to test their mettle and go head to head with our judging panel in a series of hard-hitting interviews that would make Jeremy Paxman blush. Apparently, this was the only sensible alternative to throwing them all into a bear pit and requesting that they battle it out gladiator style.

Before they arrive however, we’ve asked them all to document their journey on the long and winding road to Winner’s Week, just so we can get a little more insight into the individuals behind the entries. Also, we’re just really nosy and we never said anything about this being an easy ride!

So without further ado, let us present to you the very first vlogs produced by our Top Ten that give us a flavour of what we’re letting ourselves in for. Just follow the links to watch your favourite entrants’ escapades and don’t forget to lend a hand by heading to their pages and hitting the support button!

Alex & Marko Ayling:

João Cajuda:

Giselle Correia & Cody Kuchirka:

Josh Garcia:

Ricardo Marques Carrijo:

Ceara McEvoy:

Véronique Morissette:

Barbara Oliveira:

Nasuna Stuart-Ulin:

Dave Zwolenski:

Stay updated on the preparations for Winner’s Week, Top 10 news and ALL thing BBB right here on the blog (check out that tab in the top right…pretty sexy, eh?)

Don’t forget, we’ll be announcing the overall winner on May 24th and we’re fully expecting the chosen candidate to strip off and run naked through the streets of London shouting loudly about all their dreams coming true….and who in their right mind would ever want to miss out on that?


*If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching all the videos and reading all the blog posts yet, we highly recommend you do so immediately. Believe us, there are some absolute gems (weird, wonderful and downright wacky) in there…plus, you’ll get some fantastic tips for your next adventure without having to shell out the pennies for a brand new guidebook.

All entries can be found right HERE.

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  1. Jordmate says:

    Truly an amazing competition, Oh for sure I’m hanging out to see who wins! Great Blog article Hannah ;)