Snow Way Man! Norman Does BC!

| April 9, 2012

Beers, Beaver Tails and Conquering British Columbia

Maple Leaf Pride

Although he’s not one for emotional outbursts, we often hear our Norm pining for the fjords of his Norwegian homeland. So when we surprised him with a trip to the gloriously grand snowy mountains of Canada, he jumped for joy (figuratively speaking) and immediately started packing his impressive collection of thermal long-johns. Unfortunately for a viking like Norm, skiing, it seems, is not his natural forte, so while the rest of us got familiar with the slopes, Norm went off in search of an adventure all of his own. Luckily, there are a countless number of exciting things to do in British Columbia and while we’re not entirely sure what he got up to, we do know he’s still trying to get peanut butter out of his beard…

Look out...

Taking the bull by the Norms


Life at the top

One way or another

Whistler down the wind

Beer goggles

Eye Eye!

Playing it cool...

Beavering away

A drink worthy of a viking

Hands off

Norm-al view

A river runs through it

The light fantastic


Step right this way for more of Norman’s nomadic escapes!


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Once upon a time in New Zealand, a very large, very loud, hissing cockroach landed on Hannah’s head. In Florida, she mistook a jellyfish for a plastic bag and was promptly stung. In Newquay, a penguin with murderous intent tried to eat her shoe. Despite all this, Hannah can’t be kept away from touching things that she probably shouldn’t in foreign countries. This is probably a misguided attempt at experiential learning. She has lived in Cornwall most of her life and is still trying to adjust to the time difference in London, despite having moved there many months ago. When she grows up she wants to be a Mexican Luchador.

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