Top 10 Finalist: Ceara McEvoy

| April 30, 2013


NAME: Ceara McEvoy

LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

WHAT SHE SAYS: “I’m an explorer, an adventurer, a performer, a clown. I’m passionate about creating, telling stories, meeting people and discovering new places.”

WHY WE LOVE HER: Ceara has an eye for the creative and likes to show off the most picturesque points of the places she visits in new and innovative ways. She shows enthusiasm in her promotion of both the iconic and the unexpected.

In her very first video log, Cape Town gal Ceara shares her dramatic journey to the Biggest Baddest Bucket List finals and bears all about how important endearing oneself to the public is. She may have faced open rejection and had a few run-ins with gym security, but in the end this girl proves she’s got what it takes to make it to the top (ten) without breaking so much as a bead of sweat!


Epic excursions are afoot in Ceara’s original video submission as she takes us up Table Mountain, down Long Street, through the Wine Lands and into the (very inviting) South African ocean…not forgetting to stop off for a truly tasty Wors roll on the way!


Support and Follow Ceara here:
…and tweet your heart out here: @CearaMcEvoy

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I'm an explorer,an adventurer,a performer, a clown.I'm passionate about creating,telling stories,meeting people,and discovering new places.

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