Travel Writing Competition for Kids

| February 19, 2013


Travel Writing Competition for Kids


A search has begun to find Britain’s most promising young travel writers.

Al Fresco Holidays has joined forces with Jeremy Strong, the much-loved children’s author, to encourage kids to pen a tale about a fantastic journey. The prize for the winner will be a week-long family holiday to an Al Fresco parc of their choice, with travel to and from the venue included.

The story can be based on a real journey or a completely imaginary one; the only requirement is that it is unique and exciting. It is hoped that this will give the youngsters an opportunity to really explore their imaginations and to begin developing their style.

The aspiring scribes must be aged 6-12, submit their entry by March 31st and keep to a 500 word limit. A story picked at random will be uploaded to the Kidz blog on Al Fresco’s website each day that the competition is open for the general public to read. Before the winner is picked the top five finalists will be announced, and all the four runners-up will also receive prizes.

Jeremy Strong said: “It’s highly important to feed a child’s imagination and encourage individual writing. Reading and writing is key for a child’s development and I’m very much looking forward to judging an enormous variety of unique stories.”

He has also provided his top five tips for the kids who will be entering:

1) Create memorable characters, make them real so they come alive in your mind.

2) Don’t write too much! Making your story long doesn’t make it into a good story.

3) Get your story off to a good start, don’t spend too much time on setting things up or writing descriptions of places.

4) Always go for the unexpected, don’t write things the reader will be expecting.

5) Read it out loud to yourself, this will help you notice where you have written things that don’t make sense or are boring!

For full terms and conditions click here.


If you’re not lucky enough to be aged between 6-12, and indeed are 18 or over, have you heard about My Destination’s very own Biggest Baddest Bucket List? It’s the travel competition to end all travel competitions: 6 months free travel around the world, ticking off your bucket list as you go, and a ‘welcome home’ present of $50,000!

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