#TTOT Awards! Topic: Inspiration to Travel

| March 6, 2012

It’s the first #TTOT of March – the world is suffering from hunger-related Lent issues and looking for something sweet to take their minds off chocolate and other tasty bits, so thank goodness for Travel Talk on Twitter! This week the travel community came together to discuss what inspired them to travel – answers ranged from good ol’ Mums and Dads to a simple love of Dim Sum. Either way, our wallets should be seriously worried after today’s inspirational travel stories. Move over Attenborough…

The questions this week were:

Q1: What is your first memory of wanting to travel?

Q2: Which person has inspired you most to travel? Have you ever or will you ever get to travel with that person?

Q3: Most inspirational landmarks you have or want to travel to?

Q4: Has a single photograph ever inspired you to travel to a specific location? If so, what was the image?

Q5: Pick your fave place and inspire us to travel there with just one word.

We HEART travel too!


The ‘My Destination’ award for best humour/wit/jokes ever:

@wandrinshepherd: I feel really inferior like a pair of curtains, I should just pull myself together.


 The ‘BP’ award for being unleaded:

@IdealBreaks:  being jealous of those massive fake pencils they sell in Majorca, which all my friends had.


The ‘Tony Blair’ award for political like-mindedness:

@rickydurrance Gordon Brown. I wanted to get as far away from him as possible.


The ‘Eats Shoots and Leaves’ award for unfortunate spelling mistake:

@25travels: My part was pounding hard, when I first came out the Trocadero and saw the Eiffel Tower.


The ‘Baby’s Day Out’ award for amazing feats at infancy:

@TravelinToon: I was born as a traveller. I crossed 12000km before I was one year old.


The ‘Belle’ award for seeing beauty in the beast:

@Grtlittlebreaks: In our own capital, the Thames Flood Barrier always mesmerises, like some kind of futuristic sea creature rising out of the Thames.


The ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ award for questions previously unasked:

@rickydurrance: What is the policy on tasting the salt? Is it frowned upon?


The ‘Hey you Guuuuuuys!’ award for fantasy travel and nostalgia:

@i_to_iTEFL: The Goonies! They found a pirate ship and gold and 1 eyed Willy and Sloth!


The ‘Professor Brian Cox’ award for being a master educator:

@Liligo_UK: Niagara Falls = water


And finally…we are always scouting for the next big thing and today, at #TTOT we found it. Susan Boyle needs to watch out. Here is @journeytom with his debut #TTOT inspired rap performance:



For more insight into the wonderful world of #TTOT, click right HERE


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The best travel experience I ever had was in Varanasi in India when I took a boat ride up the Ganges to witness the sacred Hindu public cremations that have taken place there constantly for as long as anyone can remember. Hindu’s journey to Varanasi from all over the country to cremate their loved ones and send them off to the next stage of their spiritual life. As I sat on the boat, watching families dip their deceased into the Ganges and then construct a funeral pyre from only 20ft away, I don’t think I have ever been so moved emotionally by anything I have seen on my travels. Their belief that death is not the final stage of a person’s life means the ceremonies are not considered a grievous occasion and I found this both perplexing and beautiful at the same time. Religion is intertwined in the daily routine of everyone who lives in Varanasi and I felt honoured to be allowed to observe from my small boat, such a milestone in all these people’s lives. Top of my Bucket List, if money was no object, would be to go to Borneo and work in an Orphan Orang-utan Nursery…it would be the ultimate dream to nurse those little ginger fur babies back to health!

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