#TTOT Shout Outs! Topic: Sustainable Travel

| April 3, 2012

A wise frog once said that it’s not easy being green, but it’s a mantra the #TTOT community tries to live by as they explore this wide and wonderful world. This week, the Travel Talk on Twitter trenders discussed how to implement a little sustainability into their Earthly exploits, weighing up the advantages of walking over wings, backpacking over boats and donkeys over driving! Ever one to champion wind power, here are My Destination’s seriously shiny Shout Outs for this week’s top tweeters…    

The questions this week were:

Q1. What does sustainable travel mean to you?

Q2. What’s the most unique sustainable mode of transport you’ve used?

Q3. Why do you think sustainable travel is so important to the travel industry?

Q4. What are the major challenges for sustainable travel?

Q5. Basic ways we can support sustainable travel?

We've Got The Whole Wide World In Our Hands! 

The ‘Al Gore-mand’ Shout Out for super serial statements.

@walkflypinoy: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”


The ‘Super Heiro’ Shout Out for sphynxing about the future. 

@lizcleere: OR rubbing the glyphs, and sitting on the tombs, and destroying the inside with flash photography. Grr.


The ‘Walks and All’ Shout Out for touting taxing treks.  

@EcoWiseTravel: I will happily sweat for hours walking to avoid taxis and other forms of transport at all costs!


The ‘Mattel Of Fact’ Shout Out for hyping the hashtag.

@TysonJopson: How about Barbie in a hemp bikini.


The ‘Don’t Cook Now’ Shout Out for wondering what Jesus would do.

@vegemitevix: The distance. It’s a long way to Down Under and I’m not good at walking on water.


The ‘Welcome To The Party Pal’ Shout Out for entering the fray.

@Mika_Herbs: What is all this tweeting about Audi’s?


The ‘Spare Us The Lecter’ Shout Out for being a fine, young cannibal. 

@CometoSA: Because we have only this one planet. And after that we will eat each other.


The ‘Scar’s In Their Eyes’ Shout Out for not taking it lion down.

@FourJandals: Mufasa will destroy you!


The ‘Dung Roamin’ Shout Out for the pursuit of knowledge.

@SashaKerman: Intrigued – what do the nomads use the poo for?


The ‘To Be Perfectly Franklin’ Shout Out for attempted battery.

@sophontrack: Only fly long distance if you really have to… or electrify planes.


The ‘Yoko OH NO!’ Shout Out for representing the conservative contingent.  

@whereisyvette: Damn hippies :-p


#TTOT is at 9.30 GMT every Tuesday – Get involved or get on your bike!


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