#TTOT Weekly Awards! Topic: Out of Your Comfort Zone

| November 15, 2011

It’s ‘Travel Talk on Twitter’ time… or ‘TTOT’ to you and me. Every Tuesday travellers get together to discuss all things travel using the #TTOT Hashtag on Twitter.

Check out the My Destination awards for this week’s topic:Out Of Your Comfort Zone!’


Here are the questions that were asked this week:

Q1: How would you describe your comfort zone?

Q2: Share your most memorable ‘out of comfort zone’ experiences…

Q3: What hotel experience left you furthest out of your comfort zone?

Q4: What’s your best ‘won’t be doing that again’ experience whilst out of your zone?

Q5: How has being pushed out of your comfort zone changed you and your views on the world?

Travelling out of your Comfort Zone


The ‘Alan Partridge’ Tweet Award for worst Dad joke:

@thearcticnomad I am not sure if I am comfortable with the topic “out of your comfort zone”


The ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ Tweet Award for most tipsy:

@beforejam35: Anywhere temperate with a bottle of beer within arm’s reach is my comfort zone!


The ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ Tweet Award for potential sponsor:

@MalloryonTravel: I’m usually comfortable until the tequila comes out!


The ‘Lord Voldemort’ Tweet Award for biggest charmer:

@fourjandals: Probably being horrendously sick after kissing a snake in Marrakesh. Toilet hugging is out of it for sure…


The ‘Holiday Inn’ Tweet Award for most desirable residence:

@toniwonitravels: Sleeping in a campsite that had a snake park next to us with 6ft crocs the other side of a 3ft high wall! Eeek!


The ‘Cilla Black’ Tweet Award for Surprise! Surprise!:

@beaththebrochure: 100+ people in a Beijing Hotel and someone passes a mic & gives me 1 hour to speak about customer service with NO warning!


The ‘Katie Price’ Tweet Award for best-kept-to-yourself answer:

@CaptainandClark: Love motels in Korea….always the cheaper choice…complete with adult toy vending machines & mirrors…EVERYWHERE


The ‘I am glad that didn’t happen to me!’ Tweet Award:

@jessogarabia: Went to bed with a rat once in a hotel in Peru. Thought I had a cramp in my leg but then the cramp ran up to my thigh!


The ‘I am REALLY glad that didn’t happen to me!’ Tweet Award:

@bpmojo: Taking a shower in Myanmar in a hostel, looking up to see tens of leeches on the roof just above me!


The ‘’Aint that the Truth’ Tweet Award:

@AnisIbrahim: None of my experiences have been really bad, just uncomfortable. They ended up making my trips memorable.


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The best travel experience I ever had was in Varanasi in India when I took a boat ride up the Ganges to witness the sacred Hindu public cremations that have taken place there constantly for as long as anyone can remember. Hindu’s journey to Varanasi from all over the country to cremate their loved ones and send them off to the next stage of their spiritual life. As I sat on the boat, watching families dip their deceased into the Ganges and then construct a funeral pyre from only 20ft away, I don’t think I have ever been so moved emotionally by anything I have seen on my travels. Their belief that death is not the final stage of a person’s life means the ceremonies are not considered a grievous occasion and I found this both perplexing and beautiful at the same time. Religion is intertwined in the daily routine of everyone who lives in Varanasi and I felt honoured to be allowed to observe from my small boat, such a milestone in all these people’s lives. Top of my Bucket List, if money was no object, would be to go to Borneo and work in an Orphan Orang-utan Nursery…it would be the ultimate dream to nurse those little ginger fur babies back to health!

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