Dusk at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Mamajuana: A Taste of Dominican Culture

Mamajuana: This tropical drink promises a unique taste a may just cure the common cold

Mamajuana: A Taste of Dominican Culture

Mamajuana has a rich and storied history.

Imagine that you are sitting around a crowded table, enjoying a typical Dominican meal of chicken, rice, red beans with cilantro, and fried plantains. As your friends and family laugh at familiar stories and tell new jokes, one by one each person pours... more »

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Amber and Larimar

A first-time visitor to the Dominican Republic is often surprised at all the fine jewelry being offered by local shopkeepers. In particular, they are captivated by two stones - found on the island - that cannot be obtained anywhere else: ...more »

February is Carnival Month!

February will always be a special month for the Dominican Republic and all Dominicans - it’s the month we celebrate our Independence Day. The Dominican Republic won its Independence on February 27th, 1844. The main responsible characters ...more »

The Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic 

Main picture: Punta Cana  Each year, thousands of tourist from around the world flock to the Dominican Republic to take in its warm sunny beaches. But many visitors end up going to just one or two beaches on their trip – usually ...more »

It's Baseball Season!!

The Dominican Republic is the second country with most players in the MLB after the United States. It is the official sport of our country and every single Dominican is a fan of one of the 6 teams that make up the Professional Baseball ...more »

Lago Enriquillo

The hot dry air assaults your face as you drive down a bumpy and dusty road. Forests of cactus outfit the coarse terrain as you wonder:  “Am I still in the Caribbean?”  Yes, you are absolutely still on the white sand, sunshine-glazed ...more »

Getting married in the Dominican Republic

Picture the ultimate romantic back drop:  star-encrusted night skies, furiously colorful sunsets, golden rays of sunshine streaming over elegant palms making their shadows dance across the snowy white sand which stretches to the sapphire ...more »

Surfing in the Dominican Republic

Have you ever felt the thrill of surfing on an ocean wave?  It begins as a hunt. You and your board gently float on the sun-kissed swells as you wait, eyes fixed on the horizon searching, waiting, for your next conquest.  Finally you ...more »

Carnival in the Dominican Republic

Crowds line the street on this cool February afternoon, and speakers mounted on nearby corners blast festive Caribbean music in your ears as you crane your neck, trying to catch a glimpse of the parade that you know will be rounding the ...more »

Humpback Whale Watching in the Dominican Republic

Hear the song of the humpback whale; watch a mother whale care for her young calf; experience the awe of watching the humpback whales breach and roll in the pristine waters of Samaná Bay, on the eastern coast of the Dominican ...more »

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