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The King Don Omar (15 Nov 2013)

Date 15 Nov 2013

The King Don Omar

The King Don Omar

Type: Music

Don Omar is a multiple award-winning singer from Puerto Rico who in his ascending 10-year career has proved his talent and charisma. After 7 years of absence, Don Omar is back in Ecuador for the delight of his fans.

Tickets: $20 to $100

Ticket Sale:


Musicalísimo: CCI - CC El Bosque - CC El Jardín - CC El Recreo - Scala Shopping

Almacenes Rickie: Av. 12 de Octubre 1812 & Cordero, 02-255-4200/5


Musicalísimo San Marino Shopping - Ticketshow Mall del Sol - Mr.Books Village Plaza

ONLINE: ticketshow.com.ec

  • Address: Teatro Feria de Durán, Durán, Guayaquil

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