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Islas Cies

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The Islas Cíes (Cíes Islands) actually comprises of three islands two of which are linked together by a narrow stretch of sandy beach and stand at the entrance to the ría of Vigo and they can be seen rising, impressively out of the sea from far and wide. The separate island is a bird sanctuary which isn´t open to the public. In 2007 the Guardian Newspaper voted the Rodas Beach in the Islas Cíes as the best beach in the world! It´s a place to rest on a largely deserted beach as numbers on the island are strictly controlled. Alternatively there are some amazing walks and the side that faces the Atlantic is particularly wild and remote. It´s a place which is dominated by wonderful wildlife especially rare birds, different types of seagulls and cormorants.

Islas Cies
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There are regular ferries to the main two-linked islands in the summer only (1 June to 30 September) from Vigo, Cangas and Baiona operated by Mardeons. There is also a campsite (Camping Islas Cies) which is open in the summer together with a couple of shops and restaurants.

For its stunning views, natural beauty and setting it is real adventure not only getting there by boat but in discovering all of its charms. The islands are one of the most important nature conservation sites in the world and are totally natural and unspoilt. Following a short visit the fresh and pure sea air helps to facilitate an appetite as well as raising the spirit!

Best Beach in the world!
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