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Travel Info - Train Information

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There are 2 main train stations in Istanbul:

Sirkeci Train Station (European Side)

Sirkeci Train Station is located at the heart of the old city right next to Eminönü and the Galata Bridge, and close to the Sultanahmet district. This is the last stop for trains coming from Europe, and it is also where the famous Orient Express ended its run from Paris.

It is very easy to reach the Sultanahmet region by walking or taking the T-1 tram in front of the station for 2 stops.

Sirkeci Train Station is also a venue for whirling dervish performances.

Haydarpasa Train Station (Asian Side)

Haydarpasa Train Station is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, close to Kadiköy center. If you want to head to the Asian parts of Turkey by train including Ankara and Konya, this is the station to use. Trains also departfrom here to destinations in the Middle East such as Iran and Syria.

Ferries from Eminönü and Karaköy to Kadiköy stop at Haydarpasa Train Station (some of them do not, so make sure to check before boarding).  If you end up in Kadiköy by mistake, it's only a short taxi ride or a 15-minute walk to the station.

The building was a neoclassical gift, given by Kaiser Wilhelm II to the Sultan, and it was built between the years 1906 and 1908. Haydarpasa was an important part of the German Empire's strategic Drang nach Osten ('Drive to the East') during the latter part of the 19th century.

View Transportation from/to Sirkeci Train Station and Haydarpasa Train Station to/from Sultanahmet/Taksim/Kadikoy: in a larger map
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