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Pets & Vets in Istanbul

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Animals are well loved in Turkey. Wild - but generally well-tamed - cats seem to appear purring from every known orifice across the country, while dogs amble lazily along, only stopping to bask in the sun. Many of them are provided for by locals, who put out leftover scraps and even buy pet food to be left out for mass consumption, and it's not an uncommon sight to see baskets full of treats being lowered down from windowsills to hungry cats below.

Perfect it is not, with many problems associated with overpopulation, largely due to an unwillingness or inability to neuter. But despite this, people and animals generally live in harmony in Turkey. In Istanbul, even street dogs are registered with the municipality; if you notice a tag in their ear, it means they have been neutered and vaccinated, and are usually safe to pat. These docile creatures are part of the city furniture, particularly in suburbs like Kadıköy.

If you want to bring a pet to Turkey, you will need to provide the following documentation:
1) An identification card for your pet A rabies vaccination certificate from an accredited veterinarian, issued not later than 15 days prior to entry.
2) A rabies vaccination card issued not more than 15 days prior to entry to Turkey.
3) A written statement from an accredited veterinarian which states that the animal in question is at least 3 months old.
4) An International Certificate of Health issued not more than 15 days prior to entry to Turkey. In the USA, this is known as USDA Form 7001.

Provided you have this documentation, you are able to bring one dog, one cat, one bird and ten aquarium fish into Turkey.

There are many pet stores in Istanbul, along with veterinary clinics and animal shelters. We have compiled a list of the best known of these to ensure you and your pets are as safe and as happy as possible in Istanbul!

A.T.A Veterinary Clinic

Address: Göztepe Sok. No: 5/1, Feneryolu, Göztepe, Istanbul (Asian side)  Tel: +90-216-5675515

Located in Feneryolu on the Asian side of the city, A.T.A Istanbul offer a range of veterinary services including internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, blood tests, vaccinations and artificial insemination.


Address: Kuzu Sok., Ersoy Sahil Sitesi, No: 10 / A, Suadiye, Istanbul (Asian side)  Tel: +90-216-4781595 / +90-216-4781596

Vetilite is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, between Bağdat Street and Sahil Yolu. The clinic offers veterinary services in English and French along with Turkish.


Addres: Garanti Mah. Ergin Sk. No.13 Etiler, Istanbul (European side)  Tel: +90-212-2633110

Opened in 1989, Ju-En veterinary clinic Istanbul is located in the upmarket suburb of Etiler and offers an extensive range of pet services and products. They specialise in cats, dogs, fish and birds.

Istanbul Veterinary Polyclinic

Address: Eceler Sok. No: 16, Florya, Istanbul (European side)  Tel: +90-212-6639142 / +90-212-6639143

This full service Istanbul companion animal polyclinic provides a wide range of veterinary services, from surgery to anaesthesia, dentistry, laboratory, radiology, electrocardiography and pharmacy, and also offers preventative health care programs. English language services are offered.

Gold Dog Hospital

Address: Yeşilköy Mh., Orhan Gazi Cad. No:7, Yeşilköy, Istanbul (European side)  Tel: +90-212-6631123

Gold Dog Hospital Istanbul offfers a host of hospital services such as endoscopy, ultrasound, laser operations, Fako (cataract), X-rays, intensive care, laboratoy work, organ transplants, internal medicine, orthopaedics, physical therapy, pyschological treatment and more. The company has two branches, with a dog training and accommodation programme in Bahçeşehir.

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