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Urla Guide

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If you want a destination on the Izmir Peninsula, that is authentic Aegean, quiet, scenic and off the popular tourist trail, then Urla is for you. It is often by-passed by many people who favor the more lively resorts of Cesme or Alacati; however, it does have certain qualities for those who want a peaceful holiday.

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History of Urla 

The name Urla, derived from the equivalent Greek word means marshlands. The ancient Greek city of Klazomenai was located here and many artefacts from this era and the Iron Age have been uncovered.  They are now in the Izmir archaeological museum.
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Also prominent in the history of Urla is the old town of Limantepe. In 1950, excavations started on this ancient city and have continued ever since then. Throughout the Ottoman period and the rest of its history, life has very uneventful in the town. 

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Urla does though; celebrate its glory as the childhood place of the famous Turkish novelist Necati Cumali and the birthplace of the much-celebrated Greek author and Nobel Prize winner, Giorgis Seferis.  Exiled from Urla along with his family during the Greek and Turkish population exchange of 1923, experts suggest that this experience influenced much of his poetry. 

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Olive Oil 

For many centuries, the olive oil industry has done well in Urla. A few years ago, locals found an old olive oil press, estimated to date back to the time when the area was Klazomenai.   Restoration took place and today, it is in an old house accessible by the public.
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Experts believe that in the old days Urla was a major port for transporting olive oil overseas. Visitors will enjoy discovering the present day olive oil production that happens in the area. Olive trees cover thirty-six per cent of the districts and locals are proud of their participation in this ancient tradition.  When the olives are ripe and ready for picking, locals head out to the fields and any opportunity to accompany them will be a wonderful experience.

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Things to Do in Urla 

Urla is a very quiet town where much of the emphasis is on a laid back and relaxed lifestyle. Visitors should take the opportunity to taste Katmer, which is a pastry, traditional to the area. The resort does have a horse ranch where lessons are available and Urla is a close distance to all other resorts of the Izmir peninsula served by frequent transport. It is just 35km to the centre of Izmir to visit major historical sites such as the agora and the Kadifkale. Alternatively, a driving holiday is great if you want to head to the nearby resorts of Cesme, Alacati and Seferihisar at the same time. 
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Further Reading 

To make the most of your time in Urla, look at our company listing for bars, restaurants and hotels. Listed in the shopping section are places to find holiday souvenirs and our events page will inform you of any festivals that are happening at this time of year. 
Our transport page will let you know how to get to Urla and explore the surrounding areas. Most importantly, the hourly updated weather page contains the forecast for the next five days. With all this information, you can enjoy and make the most of your time in the unique destination of the Izmir peninsula known as Urla. 
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