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My Destination is focused on offering unrivalled levels of local information. This is what we pride ourselves on, and it's our promise to our users.

Therefore, each destination is run by a team on the ground who have their fingers on the pulse and write from a first-hand experience, whether they are trying out places to eat, visiting sites of interest, undertaking activities, exploring hidden 'secrets', and speaking to the locals who are 'in-the-know'. Our local experts take every effort to accurately capture this information through photography, videos, virtual tours and writings. It can be truly said that our content is fresh, local and 'hand-made'.

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Peter Thompson has lived in South Africa all his life; most of this time in Johannesburg. He knows the city of Johannesburg intimately and he has watched it grow rapidly since the transformation of South Africa into a democratic society.

Peter has always had a fascination for the outdoors and wildlife, and so he decided to study biology at Universities in South Africa and in Denmark. He finally emerged from Wits University in Johannesburg with a PhD in Entomology, and then he set out to seek gainful employment in industry. Peter ended up working for Bayer and BASF for a total of 30 years, mainly in sales and marketing in Africa. In the later years, Peter became an acknowledged malaria expert, helping to control the malaria epidemic in countries north of South Africa. Having had his fill of corporate life, Peter then left BASF to work for a better boss (himself) in a field that was closer to his interests and yet which could still qualify as being "gainful".

It was at this stage that Peter came across Neil and, and he realized that the opportunity presented by a Johannesburg website would more than cater for his requirements. He is now enthusiastically putting together his experience, knowledge and new research into This is now the future path for Peter, who is convinced that this is what he should have been doing years ago. However, seeing that is only a few years old, it probably all worked out best in the end that Peter waited.

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