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Taking its name from the passage in St Luke’s gospel when two travelers on the road to Emmaus were joined by a stranger who later revealed himself to be the risen Christ, Emaus ...more »

  • Type: Religious
  • Dates: 21 Apr 2014
  • Location: Krakow Zwierzyniec


An Easter fair that probably owes its origins to pre-Christian times, Rekawka takes place on the Tuesday after Easter on Lasota Hill near the Krakus Mound in Podgorze. In medieval ...more »

  • Type: Arts
  • Dates: 22 Apr 2014
  • Location: ul. Rekawka / Krakow Podgorze

Szymborska's Drawer

On February 1st of this year, to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Poland's Nobel Prize winning poet, the exhibition Szymborska's Drawer opened at Szolayski House The ...more »

  • Type: Exhibition
  • Dates: 1 Apr 2013 - 31 Dec 2014
  • Location: Szolayski House
  • Tel: 12 292 81 85

Photography Through The Ages

Since 2005, the permanent exhibition "Photography Through The Ages" has given visitors an insight into the history of Polish photography from 1850 - 1939. The photos range from ...more »

  • Type: Exhibition
  • Dates: 1 Apr 2013 - 31 Dec 2014
  • Location: Museum of History of Photography
  • Tel: +48 12 634-59-32

Gallery of 19th Century Polish Art

Back in its original setting after a long period away due to the renovation of the Cloth Hall, the Gallery of 19th Century Polish Art is a very important collection of historical ...more »

  • Type: Exhibition
  • Dates: 19 Apr 2013 - 19 Dec 2014
  • Location: Cloth Hall
  • Tel: (+48) 12 424 46 03

Amber - It's Beauty and History

The newly opened museum in Krakow has an interesting exhibition for fans of amber. This natural stone, which has been used in a decorative sense for centuries, is very popular in ...more »

  • Type: Exhibition
  • Dates: 8 Aug 2013 - 30 Jun 2014
  • Location: Amber Museum
  • Tel: +48 513 511 512

Emergency Vehicles

For those interested in the emergency vehicles used by the police, fire brigade and hospitals in Krakow, this is a new exhibition displaying different types of vehicles which have ...more »

  • Type: Exhibition
  • Dates: 1 Sep 2013 - 31 Dec 2015
  • Location: Emergency Vehicles Exhibition

Pharmacy Under the Eagle in the Former Ghetto

This newly opened exhibition in the former ghetto in Krakow celebrates the life of Tadeusz Pankiewicz whose pharmacy aided Jews during the war. The museum has been renovated to ...more »

  • Type: Exhibition
  • Dates: 7 Jan 2014 - 30 May 2014
  • Location: Former Ghetto Kraków
  • Tel: +48 12 656 56 25

Lady With an Ermine by Leonardo Da Vinci

Lady With an Ermine is one of Krakow's treasures and it is now back in the city after being on tour for some time. The painting dates back to the 16th century and was painted by ...more »

  • Type: Arts
  • Dates: 7 Jan 2014 - 30 May 2014
  • Location: Wawel Castle
  • Tel: +48 12 422 51 55

Krakow Under Nazi Occupation (1939-1945)

It is the museum intention to present the history of the Schindler's Factory in a larger historical context and to give visitors the opportunity to gain a more in-depth ...more »

  • Type: Exhibition
  • Dates: 7 Jan 2014 - 31 Dec 2014
  • Location: Krakow Podgorze - Schindler's Factory
  • Tel: +48 12 257 10 17

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