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Podgorze Walk On By

Take a tour of Podgorze to discover enchanting art and history in less touristy area.

Podgorze Walk On By

Only few minutes walk will take you to the sight of inactive limestone quarry called 'Liban'.

Podgorze once used to be a separate town. Elements of its previous administration centre are still visible: a market square (Rynek Podgorski) with a Municipality building on its corner and a neo-gothic St. Joseph’s Church – the main parish of Podgorze.... more »

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Lesser-known architecture in Krakow.

This article is devoted to Krakow lovers, city wanderers and frequent visitors. To those who have already been here several times, fallen in love with Krakow at first sight and know the city well enough to start looking for its hidden ...more »

Krakow For Free

Walking Tours Every day at 10 am there is a free walking tour of the Old Town, while at 1:30 pm you can find out about the other side of Krakow by going on the walking tour around the Jewish quarter. Every Saturday at 1pm there is a free ...more »

Krakow at Christmas

‘We Poles don’t like drinking alone, so we all sit together and make a toast each time instead!’ Throwing his head back jovially with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Bogdan laughed at this fact whilst nudging me in the ribs and ...more »

Why Krakow?

“So tell me, Josh, why Krakow?” If I had a potato for every time a Cracovian asked me the above question I could have opened a vodka distillery and retired on the profits long ago. To the casual visitor to this beautiful old city it ...more »

Celebrate Easter - Krakow Style!

Unlike in some parts of the world, where the mutant chocolate offspring of a chicken and a bunny is considered the most appropriate way to celebrate Christianity’s greatest feast, a Polish Easter combines tradition and fun with a great ...more »

Krakow's Other Side

Krakow, Poland’s most alluring and attractive city, has a wide range of activities to do and places to visit. Most tourists spend their time in the Old Town, for obvious reasons as there is a lot to see there and a myriad of restaurants ...more »

Krakow on Two Wheels

Cycling in Krakow is often the fastest way to get around the city centre and surrounding areas. As the city is relatively flat and there is not so much wind, this is also a big plus. Wearing a helmet is always recommended and care is ...more »

A Tale of Two Cities

Two cities that represent two sides of Poland: one the capital, one the former capital; one old, one new. We have local pride, tradition and just plain old rivalry in a classic grudge match. Let’s get ready to rumble! Round 1: ...more »

Krakow By Numbers

Boarding my flight to Poland’s former royal capital I cracked. Despite a somewhat time-induced resolution of absence up until this point, once strategically positioned between one side of the planes plastic inner-shell and my fellow ...more »

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