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Krakow Sport

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Sport is very popular in Poland, and football (soccer) particularly so. Krakow has three main football teams: Wisla Krakow and Cracovia Krakow in the main city, who play in the first division of the Polish League; and KS Hutnik Krakow, from Nowa Huta, who are currently in the third division. There is a fierce rivalry (one of the fiercest in world football) between fans of Wisla and fans of Cracovia, whose home grounds are just a few hundred meters apart; local derbies are always heavily policed.

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Krakow Photos

  • Misty Krakow

    Misty Krakow

  • Horse Cab

    Horse Cab

  • St Mary's Church

    St Mary's Church

  • Old Synagogue

    Old Synagogue

  • Walking The Main Square

    Walking The Main Square

  • Wawel Cathedral

    Wawel Cathedral

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