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Best Beaches Near Orlando Guide

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Here in Orlando we are lucky enough to find ourselves in close proximity to dozens of incredible beaches!  In fact, choosing which beach to visit during your stay in the Central Florida area can sometimes prove to be quite difficult.  We've decided to try and narrow it down for you a bit, but as you'll see below, we still ended up with decent sized list.  Each of these beaches is unique and incredible for one reason or another, and we'll help explain the lifestyles on each beach so you can find that perfect quite beach, the ultra romantic getaway, or the instant party spot.  Whatever you're looking for!  Also, for each beach you'll see a distance and drive time that we calculated from the center of the Orlando city limits.

My Destination
Distance - 56.1 miles (90.2 km)  Travel Time - 1 Hour 4 Minutes

Daytona Beach on Florida's East Coast

visit from Orlando is the world famous Daytona Beach.  With access via Interstate-4 and the ability to drive onto the beach, a trip to Daytona involves some of the easiest navigation from Orlando without as much stress when it comes to parking.  Daytona Beach is known around the world as a hot spot for spring breakers and party people, but the reality is, Daytona has really cooled down in recent years.  Read More About Daytona Beach.

My Destination
Distance - 59.6 miles (95.9 km)  Travel Time - 1 Hour 7 Minutes

Cocoa Beach on Florida's East Coast

ch destinations from Orlando is Cocoa Beach.  Although the roads aren't as straight forward, a basic map or GPS will land you right in the middle of the sunny east coast of Florida.  Cocoa is ideally located just over an hour from Downtown Orlando (and even less from other parts of town) and it has quite a bit to offer.  In addition to a great view of any rocket launches from the Kennedy Space Center, visitors to Cocoa Beach will have great food and drink choices, as well as opportunities for chartered deep sea fishing!  Read More About Cocoa Beach.

My Destination
Distance - 55.8 miles (89.8 km)  Travel Time - 1 Hour 7 Minutes

New Symrna on Florida's East Coast

s of white sand with great fishing, quality surfing, and a great location.  New Symrna is consistently voted as one of the top Florida beaches by residents of Orlando.  New Symrna has a family friendly atmosphere and plenty of restaurants, bars, golf courses and shops in the area to keep everyone entertained.  Head south towards the Ponce Inlet for some of the best surfing, especially during the storm season!  Read More About New Symrna.

My Destination
Distance - 67.6 miles (108.8 km)  Travel Time - 1 Hour 14 Minutes

Satellite Beach on Florida's East Coast

side town with a population of just about 10,000.  This small town feel, coupled with its perfect location along the Atlantic Ocean, makes Satellite Beach the perfect getaway for some relaxation and recharging after your visit to Orlando's busy attractions.  The beaches won't be empty, but you can expect a laid back atmosphere, lots of time for relaxation, and plenty of quality restaurants and bars along the beachside.  Besides relaxation, Satellite Beach prides itself on being family friendly, and boasting some nice waves for surfing as well. Read More About Satelitte Beach.

My Destination
Distance - 56.3 miles (90.6 km)  Travel Time - 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Playalinda Beach on Florida's East Coast

rs paradise.  In fact, the beach is actually located in a natural reserve.  With over 24 miles of protected beach, this is Florida's longest stretch of undeveloped coastline.  With over 4 miles of drivable beach, a $3 entry fee, and plenty of other beach options nearby, it isn't uncommon for visitors to find themselves almost entirely alone.  Read More About Playalinda Beach.

My Destination
Distance - 103 miles (165.8 km)  Travel Time - 1 Hour 51 Minutes

St. Augustine Beach on Florida's East Coast  

Central Florida beaches.  On top of the fact that the beaches are beautiful white sand beaches that are very well taken care, they also have the proximity to the lovely Spanish Colonial town of St. Augustine.  Besides days on the beach, visitors can spend their time exploring Spanish forts, shopping on cobblestone streets, taking ghost tours, and so much more.  St. Augustine is incredibly family friendly.  Read More About St. Augustine Beach.

My Destination
Distance - 108 miles (173.8 km)   Travel Time - 1 Hour 58 Minutes

Clearwater Beach on Florida's West Coast

rwater is home to friendly people, picture perfect sunsets, white sand, and clear blue gulf waters.  For this reason it has come to be known as one of the best beaches in the state of Florida.  Enjoy great seafood, great sunsets, and plenty of fun activities.  Clearwater is family friendly, but for those looking to let loose and get a little wild, there are plenty of places for that as well... Read More About Clearwater Beach.

My Destination
Distance - 114 miles (183.5 km) Travel Time - 2 Hours 3 Minutes

St. Pete Beach on Florida's West Coast

t of two worlds.  On one hand you have a pristine Florida beach with white sands and clear blue waters, and on the other hand you have a lively and bustling downtown with a great evening and nightlife.  In fact, downtown St. Pete is one of our favorite areas to go out in Central Florida with great wine and beer bars and friendly people all around.  St. Pete is family friendly, but there is definitely a great party atmosphere and nightlife along the coast if that is what you are looking for. Read More About St. Pete Beach.

My Destination
Distance - 125 miles (201.2 km)  Travel Time 2 Hours 14 Minutes

Manatee County and Anna Maria Island on Florida's West Coast

Bradenton and is home to a stretch of incredible beaches, namely, Manatee County Public Beach.  Both the beach and the town of Anna Maria are incredibly family friendly places.  The beach features calm waters and kid friendly waves, and the town is a small beachside paradise with ample nightlife and plenty of places for relaxation and fun... Read More About Manatee County and Anna Maria Island.

My Destination
Distance - 139 miles (223.7 km)   Travel Time - 2 Hours 22 Minutes

Siesta Key on Florida's West Coast

sland close to our hearts, as I'm sure many past visitors can relate.  Siesta Key is a small island located off of the coast of Sarasota, Florida.  It is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in Florida, amazing nightlife and food, entertaining performances, and everything else that comes with a top notch Florida beach.  With a great daytime atmosphere and family friendly activities including the daily sunset rituals, snorkeling, and entertaining street performers on the oceanfront Siesta Key is perfect for families.  At the same time, with an abundant (and truly fun!) nightlife, adults looking to let loose and have a good time are never disappointed here. Read More About Siesta Key.

My Destination
Distance - 132 miles (212.4 km)   Travel Time - 2 Hours 25 Minutes

Longboat Key on Florida's West Coast

, is Longboat Key.  Longboat Key is located north of Siesta Key and slightly south of Anna Maria Island.  It is the furthest beach on this list, but only by a few minutes.  It's our guess that if you made the trip you'd say those extra few minutes were certainly worth it.  At the risk of sounding redundant, it is fairly easy to say that Longboat Key is one of the best beaches in Florida, with, you guessed it, white sand and clear blue waters.  Read More About Longboat Key.

Photo Credits: Ines Yeh - Daytona Beach (Photo 1); Joe Flood - New Smyrna Beach (Photo 3); Tammie - Satellite Beach (Photo 4); John Stockton - Playalinda Beach (Photo 5); Ted Kerwin - Castillo de San Marcos (Photo 6); Emmanuel Huybrechts - Clearwater Beach (Photo 7); Amanda Anderson - St. Pete Beach (Photo 8); Ed Seymour - Anna Maria Island (Photo 9); Roger Wallstadt - Siesta Key (Photo 10); David Beyer - Longboat Key (Photo 11)

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