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Electric Bike Tours Prague

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Electric Bike Tours Prague

  • Address: Vlasska 15, Praha 1, Mala Strana (Little Quarter), 118 00
  • Phone: +420 604 474 546
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Electric Bike Rent is now in Prague, and with the locally based and very informed company I Like E-Bike taking care of you, this is a fantastic way to see, and get to know the city. So many, many people upon arriving in a big city are a little intimidated by the need to find the right tram and bus, or even metro, and it takes the fun out of their holiday. This is where I Like E-Bike really shines. You don't have to go nervously onto the public transport praying you are going in the right direction. With I like E-Bike your routes, directions, and famous sites are waiting for you from the comfortable seat of an electrically powered bike. And importantly you don't need sportswear, lessons, or special shoes because everything is prepared and waiting for you.


Prague, everyone quickly discovers is a hilly city, and those inclines can really wear you out long before you get to where you so excitedly wanted to get to. With I like E-Bike you are out there in the open air feeling a nice breeze or catching some lovely sunshine and the bike is powering you along. You just relax and let the bike cruise you up and downhill with pleasure. Now Electric Bike Rent I like E-Bike has all kinds of interactive maps on their website which will comfortably inform you just exactly what routes are available and how to go on them. There is certainly a route tailor made for what you, and those who are with you would like to do. Here are some of the exciting possibilities, The Relaxing Peddle, The Ride for Those who Are Crazy about sports, The Family Trip, The Real Prague, The Nature Trip, The Romantic Ride, and The Adrenaline Challenge. All just magnificent in their own ways. Which one would you like?


Fantastically the bikes have GPS navigation and so they can be your very best guide taking you along the tried and trusted - and most of all safest cycle routes - in the city. Can you believe it but I like E-Bike can also bring out the pedaller in you and if you would like to work your leg muscles out at any stage all you have to do is switch off the electric motor and it functions like a classical push-pedal bike. It certainly beats the discomfort of crowding and pushing on the trams or metro in the summer heat. Half a day on the electric bike starts at just twenty euro or for thirty seven euro you can have the bike with you the whole day long. The staff at I like E-Bike will even deliver the bike to you, or pick it up from you after you finish with it. This is just a small surcharge.


I like E-Bike are to be found in a truly lovely part of Prague very close to Little Town Square and in fact right beside the impressive American Embassy. The street is Vlasska number 15 and this street leads on up to the spectacular Prague Castle. An ideal place to be. A super thing about I like E-Bike is that it is affordable and it really introduces you to the city in your own way and at your own pace. Look out for things and sights that really caught your attention and make a mental note of going back to them to marvel at them even more. I like E-Bike are the first electric bike renters of their kind in Prague so needless to say their experience is the best and they will be delighted to inform you and advise you on every question or query that you may have. Let Prague be a wonderful and enjoyable bike discovery by paying them a visit.

Electric Bike Tours offered:


The hilly terrain of Prague allows for 360° spectacular views of the city and its historical centre. Make use of our electric powered bikes and see for yourself - quickly comfortably and without pain. The view points are most often lovely parks where you will also rejuvenate your strength and energy.

Includes: Petrin hill, Prague Castle, Letna, Vítkov, Nuselsky bridge, National theatre, Vyšehrad, Kampa island, and Charles Bridge

Suitable for: ALL

Duration: 5 hours


This circuit is intended for those with handicaps or other disabilities; it includes the most famous sights around the city centre and does not go up many hills. You will have a breath of extra freedom with our bikes, seeing more lovely places in Prague than any average tourist.

Includes: The heart of Prague

Suitable for: Older and handicapped bikers

Duration: 2 hours


Are you mad about sports? Football stadiums, hockey, tennis, rugby, horse racing; all this you can experience in the sporting metropolis of Prague. This circuit also gives you the possibility for some more active sport yourselves. Beach (volleyball) courts, bocce, Frisbee...and great beer.

Includes: Strahov, Sparta – football, Sparta – hockey, Stvanice – tennis arena, Podoli – swimming centre, Zlute lazne – active recreational area, Velka Chuchle - horse racing

Suitable for: Sport enthusiasts

Duration: 4 hours


A nice day bike riding is the dream of almost all children, so why not enjoy a relaxing day with the whole family on a bike ride through the most fun parts of Prague.

Includes: islands, parks, zoo, botanical gardens and Zlute lazne active recreational area

Suitable for: Families with children

Duration: 3,5 hours


This circuit will shock you with the contrasts between the centre and outskirts, respectively between history and communist era. We will take you to places where real locals live and work. After this you will be able to say that you really experienced Prague.

Includes: Castle, Andel, Prokops Valley, Barrandov - Film Studios, house of president Havel, Yellow Spa, Zofin, Kampa, Charles bridge

Suitable for: Discoverers

Duration: 5 hours


Stop! Close your eyes! Imagine yourself lying down in a quiet peaceful forest. Prague is closely connected with nature with cycle paths along the river, and through parks and natural reserves. From the city centre to natural paradise in less than 30 minutes.

Includes: Prokops Valley, Lake, Barrandov - Movie center, Zoo, Horse racing, Kampa

Suitable for: Families, Couples, ALL

Duration: 4 hours


Created by and designed for ladies this circuit is intended to overwhelm. A lovely day out through the most romantic parts of Prague, you and your partner will experience breathtaking views and magical moments all to yourselves. If you are madly in love or want to create some sparks again, then this is the choice for you.

Includes: Petrin, Castle, Letna, Kampa, Charles bridge, Astronomical clock

Suitable for: Couples and romantic types

Duration: 2 hours

8) Adrenalin

Are you looking for some adrenalin? So come with us on a day trip to the mountains. Its gonna be a hell of a ride! Please make reservations 24 hours in advance.

Suitable for: ALL with a Need for Speed

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Electric Bike Rental Prague
Electric Bike Rental Prague
Electric Bike Rental Prague
Electric Bike Rental Prague
Electric Bike Rental Prague
Electric Bike Rental Prague
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