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Party in Prague

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Party in Prague

Eat, Drink and Party in Prague

Party in Prague

Prague is a city that’s rich in history and architecture. It’s castles, bridges and old world charm attract people from all over the world. But, not many people consider the city’s nightlife while listing its qualities. If you are wondering what to do after all your sightseeing is done, then don’t worry, Prague has a lot to offer in the evenings too.

The truth is that Prague has great nightlife, which is as vibrant and interesting as its historic buildings. The city is full of nightclubs, bars, and casinos where you can have a good time. Besides partying, the city also has great cultural activities such as art exhibitions and theatre performances which will definitely enliven your evenings.

Bars, Restaurants and Clubs
Prague has numerous restaurants which serve great European and American cuisines. You can also find few Asian and East European restaurants in the city. You will find every option; from extremely cheap roadside restaurants to high-end five star restaurants.

On average, a Prague citizen is not that much of a party animal. Traditionally, people from this city prefer to spend their evenings in a quiet bar, instead of a westernised pub or club. These bars are a great place to make some good friends, as people of all ages and from all walks of life visit these bars. It will give you chance to meet some Czech people and find out about their lives. However, if you don’t know the language, then it might create some communication problems for you so it could be helpful to take someone who knows Czech and English along with you.

These bars are far from the American bars and you won’t find Technicolor drinks or fancy bar snacks here. You won’t hear loud western music or see over-excited people dancing on the dance floor. These are simple places with a simple menu. Regardless of this, you can expect a great time as people of Prague are some of the friendliest and most welcoming in the world.

It is also a good idea to ask your hotel which are the best and most popular bars in the area.

For those who want to enjoy their evenings with some great music, fun and partying, Prague has a number of places to visit. These westernised pubs are mostly packed with tourists and Czech youngsters. These are the places where you will find latest music, beer and great people to interact with. There are also a number of Jazz bars for those who want to spend a night enjoying their favourite genre of music with some drinks and great company.

You remember the Reduta Jazz Club? US President Bill Clinton played sax in this bar on his official tour to the Czech Republic. If you like jazz, don’t forget to give this bar a visit.

Blue Light Bar

Blue Light Bar

Gambling & Casinos

Casinos are quite popular in Prague and many locals also visit them regularly. Those who enjoy gambling in a more exclusive setting can go to the casinos in their hotel. Many five star hotels in Prague have their own casinos and they provide great service to their customers. You will need a formal outfit and proof of ID to enter the casino as the minimum age to play is 18.

The best thing about Prague’s nightlife is that it has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a budget traveller or a high-end luxury traveller, you can enjoy yourself. There are also some strip joints and table dancing bars.

Party in Prague


Cultural Scene

No city can become a world class city without developing a strong cultural scene. Prague also has its share of cultural activities which might intrigue you. But don’t expect a Sydney Opera or Broadway Musical here. Prague has many theatres and operas, but most of them are in performed on a smaller scale than usual. You can see a show at Black Light Theatre or attend a musical performance in Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club. To get a better idea about the cultural scene in Prague, you can check the local newspapers or ask your hotel for suggestions.

Concerts are also organised in the city from time to time and many world famous artists have included the city in their performance tours.

If you are in the city with a loved one, then go for an evening cruise. These romantic cruises include dinner and music and provide the most amazing view of the city. Watch the reflection of thousands of city lights falling on the water as your boat floats on Vltava River. You can go on a regular cruise or even book your own private cruise to celebrate a special occasion. Alternately, Jazz Cruise and party cruise are also available. Partying on a boat with your friends can be quite a memorable experience.

Party in Prague

Ungelt Jazz Club


The city hosts one of the best Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations in Europe. If you want to experience the true beauty and nightlife of this city, then visit it during this time. This period is best to have a family vacation in Prague.

The city also hosts Summer Dance Festivals every year in mid June. The month long festival attracts music bands from all over Europe. Many special parties and concerts are organised during this period. If you are a music lover and want to have great time with people like yourself, then don’t forget to book your tickets to the next year’s festival.

The nightlife of a city reflects the mood and attitude of its residents. The nightlife of Prague may not be on par with Rio de Janeiro or New York, but it still has its own charm. It reflects the laid back, yet friendly nature of the people of this beautiful city. It also showcases how this city has absorbed other cultures without losing its own identity.

So, come and party in Prague!

The truth- Prague has great nightlife, which is as vibrant and interesting as its historic buildings

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