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Olinda Beer 2014 (23 Feb 2014 - 24 Feb 2014)

From 23 Feb 2014 To 24 Feb 2014

Olinda Beer 2014

Olinda Beer 2014

Type: Carnival

The biggest party before the carnival of Pernambuco has already confirmed two attractions: Ivete Sangalo and Chiclete com Banana.

The event will be the final performance of Bell Marques with Chiclete com Banana, because after the Carnival 2014 the singer is going to leave the band.

  • Address: Pernambuco Convention Centre, Av. Professor Andrade Bezerra, s/n, , Complexo de Salgadinho, Olinda - PE, Brazil
  • Directions:

    Approx. 12 km north of Recife International airport

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