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Skopelos on wheels

An ideal place for bike lovers

Skopelos on wheels

Skopelos is an ideal place for those who like to bike, hike, explore historic sites, and have fun.

Skopelos is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Sporades region. It is the greenest island in Greece, full of pine trees, a dense virgin forest at Mount Delphi creating an image of a peaceful natural beauty. This is an ideal place for bike lovers.... more »

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Podgorze Walk On By

Podgorze once used to be a separate town. Elements of its previous administration centre are still visible: a market square (Rynek Podgorski) with a Municipality building on its corner and a neo-gothic St. Joseph’s Church – the main ...more »

Free As A Bird

Queenstown isn't short of opportunities to get you up among the clouds. And if you had to pick just one place from which to get a bird's-eye-view surely this is it – soaring snow-capped mountains, glittering lakes, dramatic canyons and ...more »

Ibiza Walks

Ibiza nature is a pleasure any time of year so grab your walking shoes, pack a picnic & get ready to explore. The hills are alive with the scent of pine trees in between beautiful look-out points. The coast is lined with long, sandy ...more »

Top 10 Awesome Algarve

There are some awesome experiences awaiting you in the Algarve, things you can see, feel, touch and taste. Here's a round up of the Top 10 awesome things you can experience in Algarve. Cross border zip line We reckon a 720 metre long zip ...more »

The Zambezi River

The fourth longest river in Africa, and the longest East flowing River in Africa.  This mass of water flows “through” six countries.  Well, it flows through three, Zambia, Angola and Mozambique and is the river boarder between Zambia ...more »

How to Get Around Bangkok

With 26 million visitors to Thailand every year, many of which spend at least some of their time in Bangkok, this is a capital with a capital B for Busy! With great cultural attractions, amazing restaurants and exciting things to do ...more »

Barbados - A Superyacht Destination!

With many new and emerging tourist destinations in the Caribbean, Barbados is facing an increased amount of competition to attract the world’s finest superyachts. However despite the plethora of options available for superyacht owners ...more »

Saklikent Gorge

Turkey has many places of natural beauty and one I was desperate to see was Saklikent Gorge. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it is a large canyon within Mount Akdag. In some places, it is 300 metres deep, making it a record breaker ...more »

The Art of the Water Warrior : Standup Paddle

Meditative. Soothing. Sublime. These are some of the words that a group trying out standup paddling for the first time on Phuket used to describe the experience. Standup paddling, or SUP as it’s often called, is a water sport that’s ...more »

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If a holiday isn't a holiday unless you've scared yourself senseless hanging from a rope, clinging from a rock face or diving from a plane then this bunch of travel articles should help provide adequate food for thought. Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Paragliding and Hot Air Ballooning are just some of the things our intrepid scribes have road tested for you, all in the name of research you understand.

Read first-hand accounts of how it feels to be hurling to the ground, learn how to steer a hot air balloon (tip: you can't) and find out how you too can scour a rock face. Practical advice, tips and even videos are available to inspire and inform, and photos complete the line-up of our action packed insights.

So, go forth and select your next nail biting challenge, because as this selection of adventures prove; there's so much more to a memorable holiday than simply laying on a beach...

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