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Head to Kayseri

Reasons to Take a Detour from Cappadocia

Head to Kayseri

An intensive and detailed look into conservative city life in Turkey

Many foreign tourists to Turkey will first explore the complicated and colourful city of Istanbul, before heading northeast to see the rock churches and cave hotels of Cappadocia. If time is limited, this is a viable plan highlighting two of the country’s... more »

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Who ruled Denia castle?

From 711 to 1242 the port of Denia was a bustling Arab town and today the castle is the only visible reminder of the Muslim Arab presence which dominated Spain for 500 years after the initial invasion by Arabs and Berbers from North ...more »

Podgorze Walk On By

Podgorze once used to be a separate town. Elements of its previous administration centre are still visible: a market square (Rynek Podgorski) with a Municipality building on its corner and a neo-gothic St. Joseph’s Church – the main ...more »

"The Treasures of Manoa Valley"

Everyone loves to frolic in the gentle surf of Waikiki. But when you've had enough fun in the sun, there is a hidden world nearby for you to explore. The treasures of Manoa Valley are only a few minutes away by car.   Manoa Valley is ...more »

A Collector's Prize Worldwide

As the new Lombok takes shape welcoming ever increasing numbers of international tourists, tradition and heritage remains as important as ever, keeping alive many unique practises. A prime example of this can be seen in its legacy as a ...more »

Mamajuana: A Taste of Dominican Culture

Imagine that you are sitting around a crowded table, enjoying a typical Dominican meal of chicken, rice, red beans with cilantro, and fried plantains. As your friends and family laugh at familiar stories and tell new jokes, one by one each ...more »

Finding Old Town Charms at Phuket's Amulet Alley

Down on your luck? Seeking great wealth or good health? Looking for love? It’s natural for people everywhere to search for a happier life, and every culture has its own set of superstitions and lucky charms believed to help change life ...more »

'Kalo Pascha' - Happy Easter in Cyprus!

What better time to be in Cyprus than at Easter? The spring sunshine transforms the countryside almost overnight as fields, hedgerows and meadows burst into flower with poppies, golden daisies and carpets of anemones that herald the ...more »

Holy Week in Malta

The Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday will shortly be upon us. In every village in Malta you will find many processions, re-enactments, static displays and an assortment of local traditional food. The Holy Week is not a time of ...more »

The Florida Film Festival

Every year, the Enzian Theatre hosts a nationally accalimed film festival, known as the Florida Film Festival.  2014 is no different, as Enzian is set to kick off the festival this week! Over the course of 10 days guests can choose from ...more »

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Travel wouldn't be travel without taking in exactly what makes a destination come alive. Culture is such an integral part of a county's fabric that experiencing its many colours is both utterly unavoidable and deliciously intoxicating. From visiting an art gallery, watching a music concert or learning about local arts and crafts to checking out some home-grown theatre or taking in a museum, these articles give you an insight into the many ways you can soak up the local culture and traditions of your next holiday destination.

Maybe you want to know more about local customs, how to dress or say hello? Perhaps you'd like to coincide your visit with a local festival or celebration? Or, you just want to know which museums really are worth your precious holiday time? Practical tips as well as inspiration should help settle the appetite of our hungry culture vultures. The rest is then up to you...

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