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What To Do When You Have Spare Time In Harare

Explore Around The Capital City Of Harare and Discover its Natural Beauty

What To Do When You Have Spare Time In Harare

I’ve just finished my meeting in Harare and have a free afternoon and evening before my morning flight back tomorrow.  What can I do to pass some time? This is a question that may need to be answered more often than you imagine but may also apply to many... more »

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The Turning of the Fagus - Tasmania Only Event

With the approach of Anzac Day (April 25th), it reminds us that the leaves on the Deciduous Beech, Nothofagus gunnii, will be transforming from green to beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. The Deciduous Beech, or fagus as it is ...more »

Top 10 Things You Can Do For Free In Tenerife

Getting out the beach towel, slapping on the factor 15 and lying beneath the orange orb in the sky that emits heat and well being is the main reason why many people come to Tenerife in the first place. With so many beautiful beaches and ...more »

Who ruled Denia castle?

From 711 to 1242 the port of Denia was a bustling Arab town and today the castle is the only visible reminder of the Muslim Arab presence which dominated Spain for 500 years after the initial invasion by Arabs and Berbers from North ...more »

Saklikent Gorge

Turkey has many places of natural beauty and one I was desperate to see was Saklikent Gorge. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it is a large canyon within Mount Akdag. In some places, it is 300 metres deep, making it a record breaker ...more »

Pushkar-The king of pilgrimages

About 130 kms from the state capital of Jaipur and 14 kms north-west of the city of Ajmer is the Hindu holy town of Pushkar. The town is famed for its temples, especially the one dedicated to the God of Creation of the Hindu pantheon, Lord ...more »

The Miami Marketta

  The Miami Marketta is an arts precinct like no other. A transitional space that’s buzzing with atmosphere, each event attracts around 2000 people that come for locally produced food, art and entertainment. Only a skip, hop and jump ...more »

How to Get Around Bangkok

With 26 million visitors to Thailand every year, many of which spend at least some of their time in Bangkok, this is a capital with a capital B for Busy! With great cultural attractions, amazing restaurants and exciting things to do ...more »

The Florida Film Festival

Every year, the Enzian Theatre hosts a nationally accalimed film festival, known as the Florida Film Festival.  2014 is no different, as Enzian is set to kick off the festival this week! Over the course of 10 days guests can choose from ...more »

Top 10 Awesome Algarve

There are some awesome experiences awaiting you in the Algarve, things you can see, feel, touch and taste. Here's a round up of the Top 10 awesome things you can experience in Algarve. Cross border zip line We reckon a 720 metre long zip ...more »

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Family Fun Articles

Family fun is what everyone wants when holidaying with little ones; since everyone with children knows that if they're happy, so are you. Our articles cover a range of family friendly topics with the sole aim of helping you prepare and enjoy your holiday. We've got helpful tips on how to keep children entertained, with ideas on local themeparks, waterparks, playgrounds, shows, kids clubs and of course long sandy child-friendly beaches. As well as information for mum and dad that might range from children's menus and family friendly restaurants to free local activities.

Of course every destination will be different when it comes to what's on offer for little ones to enjoy, and research on our destination sites is always advised. These articles however, should give you some food for thought and offer some inspiration to make deciding where to take your mini me's that little bit easier, and of course, once you're there - enjoyable!

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