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Top 10 Awesome Algarve

Awesome things to do and see in Algarve

Top 10 Awesome Algarve

A 720 metre long zip line, that crosses the border between Spain and Portugal is pretty awesome

There are some awesome experiences awaiting you in the Algarve, things you can see, feel, touch and taste. Here's a round up of the Top 10 awesome things you can experience in Algarve. Cross border zip line We reckon a 720 metre long zip line, that crosses... more »

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Fascination for Fashion on Orchard Road

We all know how shopping is an institution in Singapore or even an obsession. Here, as soon as the month of April begins, Orchard Road shopping belt can once again spree in its fashion fixation with some much awaited fashion ...more »

A weekend in DF

If you had the chance to go to a place where you can discover ancient traditions, walk around the oldest avenues and parks of the American continent surrounded by colonial buildings and skyscrapers, taste the first national cuisine to be ...more »

Artful Amsterdam - The Painters of the Golden Age

The story of Dutch romance with art is one of effervescence, celebration. A bright spark in an age dominated by colonial European politics. A time which has come to be known as the Dutch Golden Age.    Why do I talk about Dutch art ...more »

Seven Unmissable Museums in Wellington

Wellington’s museums highlight the development of the city, the country and its people through sport, money, housing, culture, nature and the sea. Here's seven unmissable Wellington museums to check out in the capital city.   1. ...more »

Podgorze Walk On By

Podgorze once used to be a separate town. Elements of its previous administration centre are still visible: a market square (Rynek Podgorski) with a Municipality building on its corner and a neo-gothic St. Joseph’s Church – the main ...more »

When to fly Costa Rica

If you have limited vacation time and a desire to experience the exotic sites scattered throughout Costa Rica then hoping on a regional flight might be ideal for you.  Small regional airports are located in nearly every corner of Costa ...more »

Cats of Malta

In Malta you will be struck by the lack of starving cats on the streets that you unfortunately see in many other countries. Most of the stray cats here in Malta are looked after not by one owner but by the whole community. These colonies ...more »

Tanzania's Heritage Illustrated

Many a traveller searches for keepsakes on their travels, something tangible to remind them of their experience, perhaps something small to fit in their luggage for the return flight home. Tanzania offers a variety of ‘made in ...more »

Chinese Superstitions & Beliefs

Due to its history and despite its small size, Singapore’s culture is a colourful blend of Asian and Western heritage. Singaporeans are mostly descendants of immigrants from China and until today, the Chinese still form the majority of ...more »

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