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Cultural Things to Do in Antalya

Cast your eye over any history book about Turkey and the data is overwhelming

Cultural Things to Do in Antalya

Many civilizations have ruled the country, and all left traces of their existence and cultures

Cast your eye over any history book about Turkey and the data is overwhelming. Many civilizations have ruled the country, and all left traces of their existence and cultures, which over time blended with other nationalities to form age-old Turkish traditions.... more »

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What To Do When You Have Spare Time In Harare

I’ve just finished my meeting in Harare and have a free afternoon and evening before my morning flight back tomorrow.  What can I do to pass some time? This is a question that may need to be answered more often than you imagine but may ...more »

A Trip to the Old Capital of Bulgaria

Have you heard of Veliko Tarnovo? Has anyone ever told you anything about this town? Did you know that it was established over 7000 years ago and throughout the centuries has been governed by a number of legendary civilizations which all ...more »

"The Treasures of Manoa Valley"

Everyone loves to frolic in the gentle surf of Waikiki. But when you've had enough fun in the sun, there is a hidden world nearby for you to explore. The treasures of Manoa Valley are only a few minutes away by car.   Manoa Valley is ...more »

Top 5 Hotels in Waikiki for your Hawaii Wedding

Are you ready to fulfill your dream of a wedding in Hawaii? What's great is, that way, you're already in the greatest honeymoon spot in the world! A good way to get the most out of your time here is to learn about Oahu and what the life of ...more »

The Matakana Coastal Experience

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway or short break destination near Auckland, then the Matakana Coast is ideal. With its bounty of pristine beaches, array of wineries and top-notch restaurants, this is the perfect place to relax ...more »

Yoga on Bali

If you are a yoga lover, you came to the the right place. Bali, brimming with yoga teachers, offers retreats, workshops, yoga studios and practitioners. So whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, you are bound to find a class that ...more »

Road Tripping the Marmaris Peninsula

As one of the most spectacular peninsulas in Turkey, Marmaris provides interesting holiday and exploration opportunities. Sandy beaches backed by pine filled forests line the coastline, full of small villages and a large town centre. Its ...more »

Yoga studios on Bali

About yoga studios on Bali. Most of the studios have yoga mats, and towels so you are safe to practice even if you do not bring your own. Some of the studios have shower facilities. The prices range from 100.000 Rp to 150.000 Rp for a drop ...more »

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When a gigantic compendium of chocolate truffles won't soothe the perennial pain in your life, it's time to get pampered. No matter where you are in the world, or what type of budget you're on, there's always a little room for some personal relaxation. Whether it's a soothing soak in a Turkish Hammam, a rejuvenating dip in a Sicilian mud bath, a spiritual awakening at a Spanish yoga retreat, or a devilishly indulgent Indian head massage, My Destination have got it covered.

So if you are someone whose body aches to be massaged, buffed, preened or pampered, or simply curious to know what a 'microdermabrasion' or 'hot stone massage' actually entails, have a peruse of the following selection of Retreats and Relaxation articles. Here you should be able to find every type of salubrious, detoxifying, and stress-relieving spa, fitness and wellness programme that you could possible need. And if you don't, well, then there's always the chocolate to turn to...

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