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Make a Date with Nyepi the Lombok Way

Celebrating the New Year in the Balinese Hindu Calendar

Make a Date with Nyepi the Lombok Way

The day must be marked by abstinence, reflection, meditation, fasting, silence and no use of light

Nyepi is as important for Lombok Hindus as it is for their co-religionists across the strait in Bali. It is New Year in the Balinese Hindu calendar. The day must be marked by abstinence, reflection and meditation, fasting, silence and no use of lighting or... more »

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Afropolitan Vibes First Anniversary

Big News! Are you looking for something to do this Friday? Afropolitan Vibes is a year old! (The next edition is around the corner and we want to remind you what happend the last time & why you don't want to miss this ...more »

Easter in Macedonia

Together with Christmas, Easter is the most important holiday that Christians in Macedonia and all over the world celebrate with great pleasure and joy. It is a holiday that is meant to be celebrated with your family and closest ones as it ...more »

Top 10 Irish Bars in Algarve

For a few drinks, a few laughs, plenty of conversation and probably singing too, few would argue that there is a better venue than an Irish bar. And the strange thing about Irish bars is that they don’t even have to be in Ireland to be ...more »

Holy Week in Malta

The Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday will shortly be upon us. In every village in Malta you will find many processions, re-enactments, static displays and an assortment of local traditional food. The Holy Week is not a time of ...more »

Prohibition comes to Bali

CharlieBali Prohibition Month in Bali starting March 8, 2014 Prohibition Dinner Theatre Series This Saturday, 8th March, Charlie is launching a spectacular Prohibition Events series celebrating the hidden and forbidden decadence of the ...more »

Easter in Barcelona

Visitors to Barcelona at Easter are often amazed by the vast array of dark chocolate sculptures displayed in the city’s bakery and cake shop windows. These intricate edible scenes are called monas and are traditionally bought by ...more »

'Kalo Pascha' - Happy Easter in Cyprus!

What better time to be in Cyprus than at Easter? The spring sunshine transforms the countryside almost overnight as fields, hedgerows and meadows burst into flower with poppies, golden daisies and carpets of anemones that herald the ...more »

Celebrating Puerto Rico's Coffee Harvest

The end of the growing season in Puerto Rico is celebrated with "La Fiesta Del Acabe" roughly translated it means the festival at the finish. Even if you would not usually consider yourself a coffee fan, there is much more to the festival ...more »

Bali Airport to Close End March

If you are planning to holiday in the Paradise Island of Bali at the end of March,  please be aware that the entire island will come to a complete standstill for the Balinese New Year of Nyepi which this year falls on Monday, 31st March ...more »

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It wouldn't be spring without chocolate eggs, summer without a solstice, autumn without fireworks or winter without a turkey. Indeed, a year wouldn't be a year without the seasonal celebrations that cover our calendars with excuses to put our feet up and take a break. But these dates usually mean more than a day off work: they are opportunities to commemorate and demonstrate, remember and rejoice, to acknowledge achievements and to honour beliefs. Indeed, they are a fundamental part of global culture.

Here at My Destination, we realise the importance of these occasions, and love anything that gives us a reason to celebrate. Whether that means a right royal knees-up in Britain, bringing in the New Year Down Under, giving thanks with a turkey in North America, drenching ourselves in colour for Holi in South Asia, moving to a frenetic drum beat in Africa, or letting our inhibitions go during Mardi Gras in South America, you can read about it in our Seasonal Celebrations articles.

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