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Skopelos on wheels

An ideal place for bike lovers

Skopelos on wheels

Skopelos is an ideal place for those who like to bike, hike, explore historic sites, and have fun.

Skopelos is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Sporades region. It is the greenest island in Greece, full of pine trees, a dense virgin forest at Mount Delphi creating an image of a peaceful natural beauty. This is an ideal place for bike lovers.... more »

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The Big 4: Cape Town's Top Sporting Events

The J&B Met is one of the country’s most prestigious horse racing events, and it attracts serious punters and professional fashionistas from around the world. This lavish event takes place each at Kenilworth Race Course in the city’s ...more »

Saklikent Gorge

Turkey has many places of natural beauty and one I was desperate to see was Saklikent Gorge. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it is a large canyon within Mount Akdag. In some places, it is 300 metres deep, making it a record breaker ...more »

Beaches, Points and Reefs

For many surfers, myself included, New Zealand offers nothing less than a surfing paradise. First factor in more than 17,000 km of coastline ranging from long sweeping beaches to tiny, tucked-away coves; then add in a location which places ...more »

Silence and Glow-Worms

Rotorua has plenty to keep its constant train of visitors fascinated, thrilled and culturally immersed. It is the country's undisputed centre for geothermal related phenomena, the heartland of Maori cultural experiences and offers enough ...more »

Japanese Divers Rescued

The Japanese divers, all female, were found on a coral reef in rough waters off Nusa Penida, an island off the south-west coast of the Indonesian resort island of Bali. Local fishermen spotted the divers, five of the seven women who went ...more »

Austria's best ski resorts

Over the past decades Austria has acquired more and more resonance as a skiing destination, beloved by both locals and visitors from abroad. But not everybody knows that skiing in Austria can be a synonym for many different traditions, ...more »

The Art of the Water Warrior : Standup Paddle

Meditative. Soothing. Sublime. These are some of the words that a group trying out standup paddling for the first time on Phuket used to describe the experience. Standup paddling, or SUP as it’s often called, is a water sport that’s ...more »

Hiking In Arthur's Pass

If you are headed to Arthur’s Pass from Christchurch, a great stop for a picnic lunch and an enjoyable walk is Castle Hill. Located about 90km northwest of Christchurch on SH73, Castle Hill is a fantasy world of limestone formations that ...more »

Free As A Bird

Queenstown isn't short of opportunities to get you up among the clouds. And if you had to pick just one place from which to get a bird's-eye-view surely this is it – soaring snow-capped mountains, glittering lakes, dramatic canyons and ...more »

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Sport is a global language that ignores cultural barriers and unites disparate communities, an indiscriminate ubiquity understood by all and exclusive of none. It's something that every culture in the world has put their own spin on, from camel racing in the Middle East to heli-skiing in North America, and as such has become enveloped within the sphere of travel. Indeed, there isn't a single corner of the world it hasn't permeated, nor a single person it hasn't in some way touched.

Our Sports articles explore the full breadth of competitive and individual endeavours spread across the globe. Whether it's skiing down a polished piste or paddling up a ravishing river, letting gravity take the reins beneath a parachute or working against it on a craggy rock face, splashing around a swimming pool or smashing balls with a bat, going wheel to wheel on an asphalt track or stern to bow on shimmering seas, we've got it covered.

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"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things " - Henry Miller