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Best cities to spend Carnival in Pernambuco

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The Fifa World Cup returns to Recife

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Pernambuco's 10 best rivers for travellers

From urban places to exotic wildlife reserves


A distant drum beats out a contagious rhythm. A frisson of energy ripples through the animated crowd and the dancing begins, flashes of vibrant colour and flamboyant movements bringing the streets to life: Welcome to Brazil.

From the instantly recognisable skyline of Rio de Janeiro, to the old architecture of fun-loving Salvador and the multicultural street carnivals in Recife, Brazil is known world-wide for its thriving party scene and warm, playful people. Although urban areas still face social challenges such as crime and poverty, sensible choices and an open-minded attitude will ensure your stay is safe and satisfying.

This mega-diverse country certainly stands out in South America, and not only in terms of size. The only Portuguese-speaking nation on the continent, Brazil has a rich colonial history, with a unique culture complemented by a convergence of African, European and South American traditions. Home to the awe-inspiring Amazon rainforest, as well as a plethora of tropical islands, lakes, caves, mountains and waterfalls, not to mention a vast collection of exotic creatures, Brazil is positively dense with life. This is one party you can’t afford to miss.

Did you know

  • It is the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world.
  • It has the largest Japanese community in Sao Paulo outside of Japan.
  • Every city in Brazil has at least one football stadium.
  • Praia do Cassino beach is considered to be one of the longest beaches in the world (about 157 miles).
  • A third of the world’s 300 species of monkey can be found in Brazil.

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