My Destination is Isla Cozumel

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Carnival Cozumel Mexico

Mission Carnival Cozumel Mexico Feb 6th to Feb 13th
1. As a Party Hunter it is my mission to learn about a country's culture and traditions through pre-party prep, during the party and post party wind downs.

2. To understand what my love means when he says there is a difference between Canadians and Mexicans beyond the latitude and temperature.


After 4 hours of conversational spanish lessons in Victoria, British Columbia I am off to Cozumel, Mexico to see on of my best friends during one of the most colourful experiences the Island has to offer.

I arrived Feb 9th to a float making party like no other. I walked into a normally pristine back yard but this day it was a garbage/ recycling disaster. Pop bottles, cardboard, metal scraps and bamboo...

The RE Cycle Pirates. Our float was a great success on the big night of Fat Tuesday as Isa and I Captin-ed this ship by cycling the10 km carnival route. Our message really hit home as we road our 500 peso float behind floats costing up wards of 10 000 pesos

It was amazing having people young and old running up to have their picture taken with us. So grateful to be really "submerged" in the experience. I felt like local celebrity and the 3 days it took to construct the float were spent really getting to know the crew and the bonds formed during this time were strengthened though out the rest of the trip.

On the multi-day festival they close down streets for day parties. The night parties consisted of Spanish acts throwing down sick preformances in the city square. There is a fair like feel everywhere you go with little carts of local food snacks like marquesas, gorditias, and chiros... Mmm chiros...

After the festivities were over the friendships forged over the construction of the float were deepened when decompressing from the party with scuba time, beach time, going to the movies ( saw Hansel and Gretel), searching out and enjoying local tapas and food items I wanted to bring home.

Mission Complete (report)

I learned that there is a difference between Canadian Culture (the melting pot) and Mexican culture (more rooted, ancient and homogeneous) Both cultures are beautiful and inviting but there is something to be said about the sense of family. The language and the music are a common ground/ bond that all of Mexico shares where Canada is a melange of everything....

Over a few tears I also learned a lot about love and acceptance. I deepened my understanding about giving love more freely with out attachment. I felt that the more I gave out, what ever I gave out was returned 10 fold but often returned in a different form then expected. Some times the reciprocation of love comes not just from humans but also from breathtaking sunsets, mouthwatering food, and mother nature and her deliciously agreeable weather.

festival makeup me, copilot and float after party party
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