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Paris: City of Love For Sure

Call it cheesy, call it corny, call it old hat, but two years ago I joined the ranks of those who insist that Paris is véritable the city of love. I had read about Paris in books, seen it in films, and taken French for 6 years, but until 2011 I'd never been. My first night in the city, I stayed with a French friend of mine whose friends decided that the best possible subject they could pick to discuss with a Yankee fresh off the plane was Star Wars. Don't get me wrong, I love a good discourse on The Force, but my French doesn't quite extend to the word "light saber."

When the rest of my party arrived the next day, the four of us set off on the most touristy- of all tourist trips - though it did begin at a Quickburger. (By the way - two burgers? On two buns? In one sandwich? Excess. Even for an American.)

Before long our feet led us to that world-renowned yet locally despised tower of Mr. Eiffel's. Not the type of group to be dissuaded by crowds, we lined up with the rest of the mob to begin our ascent. The view from the top was breathtaking as Paris rolled out before us in the hazy afternoon light, and I thought that nothing I had ever seen had been so lovely.

It was surprisingly cold up there, so no one was too disappointed when we got back to ground. To be honest, the view from the ground was even nicer. Not only could you see the Eiffel Tower, but you could also see the gardens at its feet and the crowds lounging about on the grass, totally ignoring the trash scattered about here and there, completely absorbed in their lunches, in the glory of the afternoon and, sometimes, in each other.

The next day we toured the Louvre. I couldn't believe how many pieces of art it held; to think that it used to be a palace and people actually lived there! I couldn't imagine it. Our guide told us that there are so many pieces of art in the Louvre that it would be impossible to see them all. We'd intended to spend only the morning there, but what with me getting teary-eyed at the Mona Lisa and my artistic friends aching to see everything, we whiled away the day in its expansive corridors.

By the time we emerged, the sun was setting behind the Louvre's glass pyramid, and as a couple passed in front of me, I thought that Paris had earned its reputation utterly. I was, and am, smitten with Paris. (Of course, it doesn't hurt that my boyfriend and I started dating there that weekend.)
The Eiffel Tower Garden Inside the Louvre Sunset at the Louvre
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