My Destination is Tainan

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Amazing Meet

The island features different and fascinating scenes in each of the four seasons. The refreshing flowers, red leaves and white snow are all within the vision. This is the Hokkaido I thought, also a spot I looked forward to go. One day, I could realize my dream. With a passport and a backpack, I set out.

The first night in Hokkaido, I had the most memorable experience. Walking into a nostalgic shop, feeling of warmth was everywhere with soft music. A friendly old man came to me when I was admiring some dolls. He asked," Where are you from?" in English. I answered," Taiwan." Then he chatted with me in Chinese. I was amazed he could speak Chinese fluently. In Japan, speaking Chinese is unusual, so I did nothing but astonished for a while. Then he talked with me about the Japanese history and introduced the most local Hokkaido to me. Something I should eat and somewhere I should visit. We were so happy that we couldn`t stop talking. Finally, he made a small carton and drew a beautiful Mt. Fuji on the top. Inside the carton, he put some cookies made by him. It was the most special souvenir. Being along in a foreign country, it made me feeling not lonely and having an impressive encountering at the first night in Hokkaido.

In summer of Hokkaido, many farmers grow lavenders and many kinds of refreshing flowers all around the mountains. Sitting in a sea of flowers and having a cup of coffee, such a leisurely time as I was in the paradise. Viewing the majestic sea broadened my eyes and thinking about the promising future. My dream came true. Furthermore, it was an unforgettable traveling experience.
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Yi Chun Lin

Yi Chun Lin

Currently located in:
Taipei, Taiwan.
About me in 140 characters or less

"''Blossom little beauties" is my motto. I love to meet anything and anyone interesting, always be passionate to everything."

A bit more about Yi Chun:

"I draw the line at eating... Anything that stares me in the eye"

"My most essential travel phrase is... Are you local?"

"My most memorable souvenir is... Having a cup of coffee on a Japanese street, a friendly man sent me a photo by disposable camera that he took for me."

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