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Double Rainbow in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark: I wish everywhere were like this. It is a city full of people laughing, being inspired, making new friends, and loving life.

In 2012 I drove though Europe, and as I drove into Copenhagen in late August, my understanding of what a city could be changed. As I drove over the many bridges crossing ancient moats leading into the city, my eye was caught by ornate buildings spiraling up into the air and statues with multi-tiered waterfalls flowing out from beneath them. I parked and strolled through the pedestrian pathways past brightly colored buildings lined with friends catching up over beers under the warm sun. Musicians filled the air with beautiful music from accordions, violins, and many other instruments. Boats floated in the canals as large flags flapped in the breeze. Everywhere people were smiling and laughing.

I stumbled upon an LGBT rock concert bursting with color and energy from punk rock-dressed youth. Everyone was accepting, loving, and proud of who they were and the community that supported them. Beyond that was the opera house, the old post office, and a palace filled with beautiful, imposing architecture, stations for the guards to stand, and a grand entrance- all free to explore. There were bustling business districts and everyone from families with strollers to elderly aristocrats mingling in the streets. Afterwards, I slipped into Tivoli Gardens, the park that inspired Disneyland. Inside were roller coasters swinging through the air, boat rides coasting around a lazy river, and carnival games, including one that let you use a real bow and arrow. Naturally, I walked away with a couple of stuffed animals, a huge ice cream cone, and a full serving of childlike joy.

My last stop was an unforgettable one: Christiania, hippie land. This is an area marked off for peace, love, and happiness. There were communal gardens, free clothing exchanges, a Tibetan Buddhist Stupa, and bicycles left out for anybody to use to get around. The houses were painted with vibrant murals, many flying Christiania's own 3 dot flag representing the three dots of the "i"'s in Christiania. Deeper inside, I reached their green light district where I saw several people pruning their pot plants and signs clearly outlining their only three rules: have fun, don't run, and take no photos. It was a neighborhood like no other I had seen before, and they welcomed everyone.

In one day of walking in Copenhagen, I saw a rainbow of human variety existing in harmony. Before seeing it, I would not have believed one city could accommodate so many different ways of living, and yet now that I've been there I wish everywhere was like this. Copenhagen is a home, a place of exploration, an artistic inspiration, a historical journey of architecture, a harbor where everyone is your friend, and a place to enjoy a drink while you fall in love.
Entering Copenhagen Canals of Copenhagen 3-Dot House, Christiana
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Danielle Sheehan

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