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One Week in the Last Frontier

Whenever opportunity arrises, my father and I never turn away from a fly-fishing trip, especially from one that contains the most coveted trout and salmon water in the world, not to mention countless miles of raw, untouched natural beauty. The kind of country that is fast becoming a rare commodity in the world today. This story is about a midsummer week spent in a portion of America's last frontier, Alaska.
Following a picturesque flight from Seattle over British Columbia, I landed in Anchorage in late afternoon, where I promptly joined my father and we set off for our first destination; the Kenai Peninsula.
The next morning I woke to the distant murmur of the Russian River, enticing me out of my slumber, and inviting me to experience the adventures waiting outside. The following days I wandered the river's shores, fishing for proof of the monstrous Rainbow Trout that inhabit the streams in the autumn months. In a northern summer, the sun never sets, and I found myself fishing late into the evening. Despite the long hours on the river, I wasn't catching any of the trophies I had flown north to pursue. After consulting with my father, we agreed that it was time to move on to the next chapter of our trip, and drive to Valdez.
The drive from the Kenai to Valdez is among my fondest memories. Two days of driving under the midnight sun, with nothing but fishing on our minds. Instead of plugging in my ipod, we surfed the local radio stations, listening to everything from classic jazz, to Native Alaskan tribal music. If we saw something interesting, we stopped. This included breaks for photography, fishing, and even glacier climbing. When we arrived in Valdez, I was almost disappointed the journey had ended, that was, until my fly-line hit the water the next morning.
There are few sensations more rewarding than that of a big fish striking a fly. I had waited all morning for a Brown bear and three cubs to vacate a stream outside of Valdez, and my patience had paid off. Minutes after my first cast, I hooked into a gorgeous Pink Salmon, so fresh from the sea it shone like a newly minted coin, and sea lice still clung to it's sides. This was the fish I had been searching for. For the next day and a half we reeled in Salmon until our arms were numb, and our feet senseless. We didn't mind though, and each second was spent with smiles upon our faces.
The week spent in Alaska with my father is time I will never forget. It was a trip filled with new country and adventures at every turn. If it were up to my father and I, we would have stayed all summer, but like all good things, our trip came to an end, and we made our way back to our native Coeur d'Alene.
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Leo  Schnepf

Leo Schnepf

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