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Albertina Museum

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This is an absolute MUST in Vienna if you are into museums and exhibitions - it is also part of our TOP ATTRACTIONS section! Established in 1786 by duke Albert of Sachsen-Teschen and his wife, Maria Christine (one of Maria Theresia's daughters), the Albertina Museum is one of the most famous of all art galleries in Vienna and owns one of the worlds most comprehensive and well known print collections. It possesses about 65,000 drawings, over one million old master prints and a collection of modern graphics.

Apart from that, in Albertina you will also find a number of architectural designs and sketches, works of distinguished photographers and two private collections of 20th century art pieces donated to the museum.

My Destination
My Destination

The works of art to be visited in the Albertina is truly remarkable. There are old Italian Masters to be viewed like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, but also Dutch Masters like Rembrandt and Rubens and famous Impressionists like Lorrain, Delacroix, Manet and Cézanne are to be viewed here.

One of the highlights is the collection of the 20th century that includes works by Schiele, Klimt and Kokoschka (Austria's most famous Jugendstil artists) as well as Warhol, Rauschenberg and Baselitz.

The Albertina is world famous as it hosts one of the world's grandest graphics collection (among them you can view works of the famous Albrecht Dürrer). Additionally there is also a permanent collection that houses a photographic collection and an interesting poster collection - some of the most famous and distinguished works of international photographers are exhibited here.

Another highlight of this museum are the Habsburg State Rooms, which are newly renovated and open to the public. These rooms are exquisite, and locals (especially businesses) rent them for catering events and special occasions - have a look - It is well worth seeing them, and it will not take too long!


After your visit to the Albertina have a coffee at the exquisite and pricy DO&CO Albertina, a café located on the ground floor with a great view over the Burggarten! A perfect ending to your Albertina visit! Also excellent for having lunch or a cup of coffee is the so called Palmenhaus café right around the corner - great food, good quality but rather expensive too! You mainly pay for the prime location...


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