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XXXL Grillrestaurant

Want to taste some Bosnian grilled dishes? This is the place you want to taste some grilled delicacies in an elegant ambience. ...more »

  • Location: Wider City Centre
  • Type: Balkan
  • Tel: +43 (1) 480 89 96


This is a great Dalmatian Restaurant in the city centre. If you are looking for fish and seafood - this is the place to get it. This is also a nice place for a romantic candle light dinner! ...more »

  • Location: Hundertwasser Haus Area
  • Type: Balkan
  • Tel: + 43 (1) 7133683


This large, Mediterranean-styled atmosphere offers up great food and music. If you find yourself out late and hungry, this place serves its hot, delicious dishes until 1:30am. ...more »

  • Location: Naschmarkt Area
  • Type: Balkan
  • Tel: +43 (1) 587 7444


This Croatian restaurant has been around for decades, and continually offers great good and a musical atmosphere. With live music nightly from 7:30-11pm, it's a charismatic locale for dinner. ...more »

  • Location: Belvedere Area
  • Type: Balkan
  • Tel: +43 (1) 713 7102


This is a modern-Greek gem in the heart of the city! Innovative in its architecture and the presentation of its plates. ...more »

  • Location: Inner City
  • Type: Greek
  • Tel: +43 (1) 512 38 88

Our Local Experts say:

Balkan cuisine is heavily influenced by Mediterranean cuisine, but also uses its own dishes and flavors from all over the Balkan states. The combination of flavours and spices is interesting, i.e. yogurt is often used in meat based dishes!

There is a huge population in Austria from the Balkan regions and the food is growing in popularity. As we mentioned, it's more flavorful than you'd expect, the portions are bigger as well as comforting.....We suggest you give it a try during a cold winter day - you will be pleasantly surprised!

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