Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast,  Australia
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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

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Top 10 Things to Do in Zanzibar

What to do when visiting Zanzibar Archipelago

Top 10 Things to Do in Zanzibar

Exploring the narrow alleyways of Africa's most atmospheric town is one of the most fascinating things to do on the archipelago. Stone Town is the only functioning historical town left in East Africa, and has been declared a UNESCO heritage site. The town... more »

7 Steps to a Perfect Weekend in Berlin

How to enjoy 48 hrs in Germany's capital

7 Steps to a Perfect Weekend in Berlin

Some of my best Berlin experiences have been when I started with a plan and then went with the flow.

Everyone's idea of the perfect Berlin weekend will differ wildly, and the beauty of Berlin is that it is a city full of possibilities. Want to save on accommodation and spend the entire weekend club hopping? – easy! How about a relaxing weekend of pampering... more »

Autumn in Moscow 2014.

Top 10 things to do in Moscow in autumn!

Autumn in Moscow 2014.

Here are some highlights what is there to do in Moscow this autumn.

Summer may be over, but the Russian capital more than compensates with a spectacular display of autumn leaves and bounteous local produce in the markets and on seasonal menus in the restaurants. But besides admiring the golden glory in the city's parks and... more »

September: The Peak of Mexican Pride

Find out what Mexicans are really proud of!

September: The Peak of Mexican Pride

My Destination Mexico City conducted a survey among 108 Mexicans. Here, their responses!

Visiting Mexico City in September is a spectacle; you’ll find it covered in green, white and red, the three colors of our flag. When it comes to celebrating, Mexicans excel, and on September 16th we commemorate one of the most important national... more »

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Koh Samui - Thailand

The My Destination Koh Samui team is unreservedly passionate about Koh Samui. We love our island and are dedicated to sharing... more »

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