Tavira, Algarve,  Portugal
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Tavira, Algarve

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The Heian jingu shrine

One of the most beautiful and peaceful shrines

The Heian jingu shrine

Out of all the shrines, this is by far the best one for nature lovers.

Kyoto is filled with ancient temples and shrines, and Heian Jingu is one of the most peaceful and beautiful. Out of all the shrines, this is by far the best one for nature lovers, and those who want to have a relaxing walk through the mesmerizing gardens.... more »

The Cheetah

Cheetahs in Namibia

The Cheetah

The 'Acinonyx', known to man as the Cheetah, is Africa's most endangered cat.

This is one of Africa's most interesting animals with some unique characters. The Cheetah is proven to be the world's fastest animal on land. In only 3 seconds it can reach a speed of 110 kilometers per hour. On that speed their strides can go up to 7 meters.... more »

If you love coffee then Ho Chi Minh City loves you

Upon arrival in Vietnam most travelers face the same difficult decision: Pho or coffee? After the unsatisfying plane food it’s usually straight to a bowl of legendary Pho noodles.  After that though (and there’s no shame coming second to Pho), it’s a... more »

Visit Epe

How we spent our Easter Monday

Visit Epe

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures - Lovelle Drachman

#VisitEpe is an excursion through the heart of Lagos up North almost to it's borders as far as the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lekki. The trip organized by TravelNextDoor took off from the meeting point at the Mr Biggs located on Oba Akran Avenue in Ikeja. The... more »

  • The Heian jingu shrine
  • The Cheetah
  • If you love coffee then Ho Chi Minh City loves you
  • Visit Epe

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While in Tanzania go snorkelling or scuba dive off the coasts of mainland Tanzania and the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia;... more »

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