Acropolis of Athens, Athens,  Greece
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Acropolis of Athens, Athens

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Orlando: Kids Not Included

An exploration of O-Town without the littluns

Orlando: Kids Not Included

This place is ideal for anyone who likes to have fun and it's arguably even better the older you are

Day 1 It's a dreary September morning in old London town. It's 6:00 am Sunday and I'm rolling my trusty travel bag through what seems like the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The streets are colourless, grubby, and scattered with befuddled pedestrians,... more »

Top 5 Wanaka Activities

A guide to the best things to do in Wanaka, New Zealand's thrilling adventure playground.

Top 5 Wanaka Activities

there's even the possibility for a short stop-off on the edge of a glacier

Between the soaring, snow-tipped peaks of the Southern Alps, the rugged glacial valleys of the Mount Aspiring National Park, the world-class ski fields of Treble Cone and the stunning Lake Wanaka that the town overlooks, it’s easy to see why Wanaka... more »

Sire Beach

A piece of paradise

Sire Beach

Imagine getting married here!

Imagine an azure blue sea, a broad ribbon of white hourglass sand, and a grove of coconut trees swaying in the gentle breeze. The spellbinding backdrop to the scene is a jungle-clad landscape and the soaring peak of Mt Rinjani, Indonesia’s second highest... more »

A Long Weekend In Hong Kong

Would you book a week-long holiday in any city I ask myself? In Hong Kong, the answer is most definitely yes!

A Long Weekend In Hong Kong

HK certainly flies in as one of my favourite cities and I feel like we barely scratched the surface.

Would you book a week-long holiday in any city I ask myself? A city is a weekend destination; surely you can see the best bits in 3 days? A week’s holiday is meant for sitting on a beach or for hopping around a small country. Hong Kong in particular strikes... more »

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Travel inspired by the movies

Travel Blog

Have you ever settled down to watch a movie and have spent most the film pondering to yourself where in the world such an incredible location...more »

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