View of Santiago de Compostela from Pedroso Mount, Galicia,  Spain
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View of Santiago de Compostela from Pedroso Mount, Galicia

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A Surfing Mecca in the Caribbean

Best Beaches and more in Rincón Puerto Rico

A Surfing Mecca in the Caribbean

Rincón is the perfect getaway for those seeking relief from the winter blues.

Rincon, Puerto Rico, a beautiful small surf and fishing town in Porta del Sol on the Northwest corner of the island, has grown to be a very popular travel destination for surfers hoping to catch a glimpse of paradise during the harsh winters on the east... more »

The amazing 10,000 gates in Kyoto

The magical corridors of the Fushimi Inari shrine

The amazing 10,000 gates in Kyoto

Visitors flock from all over the world to see the 10,000 torii gates that this temple has to offer

Fushimi Inari is an image most people are familiar with when they think of Japan, the red "torii" gates have been a symbol of the country for centuries. Set on the mountain Inari, this temple is like no other you will visit on your trip to Kyoto. The temple... more »

Škocjan Caves - UNESCO Heritage

Mind-blowing underground treasure

Škocjan Caves - UNESCO Heritage

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. ― Joseph Campbell

Although we could debate the deep meaning of the quote stated above, we'll use its shallow version to express our excitement about UNESCO protected heritage – The Škocjan Caves. Treasure hunt begins with a short and delightful walk through the magnificent... more »

A guide to the Christchurch Tram

Rattling through the Garden City on a piece of history

A guide to the Christchurch Tram

during the trip travellers are treated to a guided tour of the city from the driver himself

Since the destructive earthquakes of 2011 the iconic red and yellow trams of Christchurch have been noticeably absent from the city centre. However, November 2014 saw the full return of this metropolitan staple, and today travellers can once again opt to hop... more »

  • A Surfing Mecca in the Caribbean
  • The amazing 10,000 gates in Kyoto
  • Škocjan Caves - UNESCO Heritage
  • A guide to the Christchurch Tram

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