Lombok Waterfall, Lombok and Gilis,  Indonesia
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Lombok Waterfall, Lombok and Gilis

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The Twelve Days of Christmas - Malta Style

A definitive guide on what to do throughout the festive season in Malta

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Malta Style

Beautifully lit streets with Christmas carols echoing in the background

Christmas in Malta is a wonderful mix of the merrymaking associated with the festive season together with the religious traditions still very much alive within the Maltese community. In the spirit of the famous Christmas carol, we list twelve top Malta... more »

12 Surprising Facts About Icelandic Volcanoes

We Bet You Didn't Know These Facts About the Most Volcanic Place on Earth

12 Surprising Facts About Icelandic Volcanoes

Iceland is responsible for more than 1/3rd of all the fresh lava on earth!

1.     Iceland is one of the most volcanic places on earth. Iceland has about 150-200 volcanoes, dormant or active. This is because it’s situated on the creatively named “Iceland Plume” between the tectonic plates of America and Eurasia. Tectonic... more »

Ho Chi Minh City's Independence Palace

The palace represents a tumultuous period when Vietnam went from occupation to re-unification

Downtown Saigon's modern skyline and fluorescent lights can be mesmerizing. They create a sense of wonder, astonishment and promote a kind of futuristic beauty to visitors. Luckily though, Saigon has retained a visible history in its streetscape that allows... more »


The lace-making village


The residents of Lefkara have warmly welcomed visitors for generations

At an altitude of 700 metres and nestling in the foothills of the Troodos lies the larger of the two villages of Lefkara. more »

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  • 12 Surprising Facts About Icelandic Volcanoes
  • Ho Chi Minh City's Independence Palace
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