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Athens Weather

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Current Weather



26 °C | 79 °F

(feels like
29 °C | 84 °F)

Cloud Cover 13%

Humidity 69%

Visibility 16 km | 10 mls

Wind From N

Wind Conditions 0 km/h | 0 mph

5 Day Forecast



High (°C | °F)

Low (°C |°F)



Sunrise 6:56 AM

Sunset 7:52 PM

Sunny and pleasant
Sunny and pleasant

32 | 90

21 | 70

6 km/h
4 mph


Sunrise 6:57 AM

Sunset 7:51 PM

Sunshine and very warm
Sunshine and very warm

33 | 91

22 | 72

9 km/h
6 mph


Sunrise 6:58 AM

Sunset 7:49 PM

Hot with plenty of sun; extreme heat can be dangerous for outdoor activities
Hot with plenty of sun; extreme heat can be dangerous for outdoor activities

34 | 93

23 | 73

9 km/h
6 mph


Sunrise 6:59 AM

Sunset 7:48 PM

Sizzling sunshine and very hot; extreme heat can be dangerous for outdoor activities
Sizzling sunshine and very hot; extreme heat can be dangerous for outdoor activities

36 | 97

21 | 70

11 km/h
7 mph


Sunrise 7:00 AM

Sunset 7:46 PM

Very hot with scorching sunshine
Very hot with scorching sunshine

37 | 99

26 | 79

12 km/h
8 mph

Athens is blessed with the beautiful Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures and a limited amount of rainfall. Athens is an idyllic all-year-round destination with a favourable climate and good environmental conditions for travel, sightseeing, sports, business and leisure.

Summers are hot, dry and sunny, with temperatures between 22°C (72°F) and 32°C (90°F) throughout July.  The areas on the mountains are much cooler and pleasant with lower temperatures.

Winters are generally mild, with average temperatures ranging from 7°C (44°F) to 15°C (55°F), with a fair amount of rain and occasional snow.  The mountains are usually snow-covered and are perfect for ski lovers.

Athens is a vibrant city and one of the finest capitals in Europe. During the summer many visitors pass through Athens on the way to the islands and it can sometimes be packed with tourist excursion groups. In August the city is much less crowded as most of the Athenians leave for their holidays but even though fairly serene it is not quite the best time to visit as the weather can be very hot. The ideal time to visit is either late spring or early autumn, when the weather is mild and the atmosphere more pleasant and relaxed.

What to wear when?

Athens is a cosmopolitan city.  Athenians like to be neat and stylish; with the older generation dressing up more formally and the younger in a more smart casual, comfortable chic style. Most expensive restaurants and clubs require more formal dressing. 

Summer months

Pack comfortable clothing in light colours and make sure you include comfy shoes for walking and visiting archaeological sites.  Of course, you shouldn't forget your swimwear, sunglasses and sun block protection for the warm, carefree days on the beach.  If you are heading to the Greek Islands, flat shoes are highly recommended to wonder around the pebbled-stoned streets at ease. Also, bring some layers and light jumpers for nights where there is a light breeze. 

Remember to also pack some long sleeves, and trousers or a long skirt so you can cover respectably when visiting churches and monasteries. 

Winter months

During the winter, you will need warm clothes, coat and boots. If you are planning to head up the snowy mountains for ski-ing, pack your ski attire, gloves and scarf. 

However, don't worry if you do forget something... in Athens you can find and buy everything!

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