Magnificently Build a Catastrophic Website

| September 13, 2012

How to Magnificently Build a Catastrophic Website

Stop! Stop right there. You’ve found it. Call off the search. This is the infographic you’ve all been waiting for. Or at least those of you who need sound advice on how to build a website for your business without driving your customers away like Piers Morgan does charisma. And if, for some reason, you wish to do the latter, you’re also covered, for we’ve juxtaposed our pearls of wisdom with snippets of utterly absurd – and scarily realistic – scenarios, too.

How to Magnificently Build a Catastrophic Website

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To embed our lovely infographic to your blog or site, simply just cut and paste the code below: 

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My best travelling experience was a two-month road trip around and through Australia in a tiny campervan. When they appeared, the sights were magnificent. But what I loved most about the whole thing was the relentless motion; travel in its simplest form. Because of the vast distance we needed to cover (13,000 kilometres) it was necessary to be almost constantly on the move, and this became a way of life. Nothing can quite compare to the freedom you feel when pulling out onto a road that ends in a vanishing point, fuel needle pointing to 12 o’clock. Next on my bucket list is Antarctica to see the emperor penguins. These have to be the most adorably quirky creatures on the planet (though meerkats come a close second), and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see them waddling around in their natural environment. And speaking of the environment, I’ve always been drawn to inhospitable places; they unnerve me and excite me in equal measures, a balance which in my opinion is the epitome of a fulfilling travel experience. Or perhaps I’m just a misanthrope in denial.

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