My Destinations’ Top 5 Quirkiest Mobile Travel Apps

| December 9, 2011

Will found out where Alex was Squatting...

Mobile Apps are hard to get away from these days; there seems to be an App for everything, and don’t deny it smartphone owners, you have all been guilty of muttering those tiresome words: ‘I’ve got an App for that!’  The world of travel is no exception, which is why My Destination thought a roundup of some of the more novel offerings for the modern traveller was in order…

1. Sit or Squat

Does this sound familiar: you are engaged in a painful-looking Irish jig, desperately clueless as to where you are, and wondering wildly where on Earth the nearest restroom is? If so, Sit or Squat is the App for you. Listing over 52,000 free restrooms in more than 10 different countries, this handy App maps your current location and then directs you to the nearest restroom, so you will never have a piddle panic abroad again.


2. The Cartographer

Travel and discovery are age-old humanly pleasures, with maps making traveling the globe possible. The Cartographer App customises your Google Maps into vintage-style works of art on your smartphone, transporting your navigation back to the times of Sir Walter Raleigh and Marco Polo. Not only does the App provide you with an exquisite interface with which you may traverse your path, you can also save any number of maps from your recent trips, pinpointing favourite locations you have discovered as well as some you are yet to explore.


3. Sleepy Traveller

We’ve all been there, waking up to a conductor shouting ‘Last Stop!’ as you struggle in a dazed state to realise that you should have alighted your train over an hour before, and are now stranded in completely alien surroundings.  Sleepy Traveller App combats this problem by using GPS to trigger an alarm as you near your destination. All you have to do is punch in your desired destination and then relax. Please note: this is definitely not a substitute for sensible travel, but it could help to avert a few little blunders along the way!


4. Postman App

Whether you are tightening your purse strings or just plain skint, you no longer have to waste money on postcards from around the globe with the Postman App. Use your smartphone to take a snapshot in time, tailor the message and style, and then share it over a plethora of social networking sites. Not only are the postcards highly customisable, but they can also induce high levels of envy amongst your friends who are sat at home wishing they were there with you.


5. Trip Journal

Trip Journal is, in our view, the ultimate trip tracker. This App enables you to document every step of your journey,ANDit’s integrated with Google Earth, so however remote your location, the App can still pinpoint your every movement. In addition, you can add comments, videos and photos to each location you visit, and you can add to the App after your trip to create a fabulous scrapbook of your entire adventure.


Sitting, squatting and sleeping aside, often all we yearn for when off on our travels is good old-fashioned information (with a few deals thrown in too). So, with that in mind…


For up-to-the-minute travel guides highlighting top things to see and do in destinations all over the globe download the handy app from My Destination. From where to shop, eat, stay or stroll to current events, weather updates, flight info & special offers you’ll have all you need, wherever you need it, right in the palm of your hand.

Click HERE to get the My Destination App now!


Plug over, you can get back to your Angry Birds now…

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The best travel experience I ever had was in Varanasi in India when I took a boat ride up the Ganges to witness the sacred Hindu public cremations that have taken place there constantly for as long as anyone can remember. Hindu’s journey to Varanasi from all over the country to cremate their loved ones and send them off to the next stage of their spiritual life. As I sat on the boat, watching families dip their deceased into the Ganges and then construct a funeral pyre from only 20ft away, I don’t think I have ever been so moved emotionally by anything I have seen on my travels. Their belief that death is not the final stage of a person’s life means the ceremonies are not considered a grievous occasion and I found this both perplexing and beautiful at the same time. Religion is intertwined in the daily routine of everyone who lives in Varanasi and I felt honoured to be allowed to observe from my small boat, such a milestone in all these people’s lives. Top of my Bucket List, if money was no object, would be to go to Borneo and work in an Orphan Orang-utan Nursery…it would be the ultimate dream to nurse those little ginger fur babies back to health!

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  1. Will says:

    For some reason Alex’s reflection is more surprised than Alex. Bizarre.

  2. Carl says:

    Interesting app about the toilet finder, but in all honesty it does come in handy, especially in the colder months when there is a propensity to constantly consume hot drinks to fight off the cold when sightseeing outside and there isn’t a familiar Starbucks or MacDonalds in sight.

    It would be really cool if the app also showed you, in real time, if the toilet is occupied or not, or at least if the door lock is in working order so as to prevent the situation illustrated in the main photograph.

    • Anna-Lucy Terry says:

      An interesting suggestion there Carl, perhaps you should put this to the Sit or Squat folks!? An invasion of privacy perhaps….!