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Moving & Relocation Services in Istanbul

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Whether you are relocating to Istanbul or moving home within the city, you will likely need the help of domestic or international home moving companies. From packing to moving and even storage, there are many things to consider when moving to or within Turkey. Moving is stressful enough without having to spend time searching for a suitable relocation company. Our local experts have done the work for you and compiled a list of moving and relocation companies operating in Istanbul.

If you are still deciding where to live in Istanbul, you may also find our Living in Istanbul section useful.

Istanbul Ekpres

Address: Kustepe Mah., Mecidiyekoy Yolu Cad. No:20, Seyfi Demirsoy Apt., Mecidiyekoy  Tel: +90-212-2174968 / +90-212-2174969

Istanbul Ekspres was established in 1963 and offers a range of moving and storage solutions within Turkey. Their Local Home removals service includes a  full or part packing service, containerised storage, export packing and door-to-door shipment. Istanbul Ekpres has offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana.

Asya International Movers

Address: Inönü Cad., Mithatpaşa Apartmanı No:48, Daire 1, Gümüşsuyu, Taksim  Tel: +90-212-2436510

Asya International Movers arranges transportation of household goods to and from Turkey by land, air and sea from an extensive range of countries, making frequent trips between England and Turkey. Asya also specialise in the transportation of works of art.

Bergen International Movers

Address: Kore Sehitleri Cad., Kara Aldogan Sok. No:3/6, Zincirlikuyu, Istanbul  Tel: +90-212-2751531

A leading provider of international relocation services for expats, Bergen International Movers coordinates ground, air and land transportation to move goods to and from Turkey and other countries. Along with household goods, they can also arrange pet transfer and fine arts handling, office moving, warehousing and more.

Crown Relocations

Address: Mevlut Pehlivan Sok., Erdoganlar Is Merkezi No:14, Kat 2, D 5, Gayrettepe, Istanbul  Tel: +90-212-3474410

Crown Relocations is a well established international relocation company with operations in 55 countries including Turkey. Crown's services include: private moving, storage and relocation; corporate and global mobility; and office and industrial moving services.

Sumerman International Movers

Address: Menekse Sok. No: 1, Ferahevler, Tarabya, Istanbul  Tel: +90-212-2235818

One of Turkey's largest full service international moving and forwarding companies, Sumerman International Movers is a member of the Household Goods Forwards Association of America (HHGFAA) and the Independent Pet & Animal Transportation Association International (IPATA).

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