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About Us in Krakow

My Destination is focused on offering unrivalled levels of local information. This is what we pride ourselves on, and it's our promise to our users.

Therefore, each destination is run by a team on the ground who have their fingers on the pulse and write from a first-hand experience, whether they are trying out places to eat, visiting sites of interest, undertaking activities, exploring hidden 'secrets', and speaking to the locals who are 'in-the-know'. Our local experts take every effort to accurately capture this information through photography, videos, virtual tours and writings. It can be truly said that our content is fresh, local and 'hand-made'.

Our Local Experts in Krakow

My Destination

Pawel graduated from journalism at Jagiellonian University a few years ago, and has since been self-employed and involved with several projects regarding the tourism industry in Krakow. He always has an eye out for a new business he could run independently that he could develop and devote himself to. Coming across franchise meant his search was over and it didn't take him much time to make up his mind and join the network.

Promoting and advancing Krakow worldwide (which is still one of the young and fresh democracies in Europe) has always been close to him. As he is interested in global politics, he has travelled extensively around Europe, North America and the Middle East. Now, settled down back in his hometown of Krakow, he's been enjoying life on a personal level, being a husband to his wife Basia and a father to his little son Franio. Born in Krakow, Pawel knows his hometown treasures on both a cultural and an entertainment level and strongly believes in and its global network success.

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