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Jesus Christ Superstar - Rock Opera (11 Apr 2014 - 13 Apr 2014)

From 11 Apr 2014 To 13 Apr 2014

Jesus Christ Superstar - Rock Opera

Jesus Christ Superstar - Rock Opera

Type: Theatre

Jesus Christ Superstar, rock opera

Venue: Mediterranean Conference Centre, MCC Valletta


Friday, 11th April at 20.00 hrs

Saturday, 12th April at 20.00 hrs

Sunday, 13th April at 15.00 hrs


Jesus will be performed by Dušan Vitázek

Judas Iscariot will be performed by Petr Gazdík

Mary Magdalene will be performed by Ivana Vaňková

Event Details

Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera that needs no introduction. Written and composed by Tim Rice and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the most successful musicals of all time, having more than 3350 repeated performances when it was first introduced in London. Indeed, Jesus Christ Superstar is as well-known and frequently performed as The Phantom of the Opera, Cats and Evita, which also form part of Webber’s portfolio of works.

The musical portrays the last seven days of Jesus Christ’s life, highlighting his arrival in Jerusalem, expulsion of merchants from the Temple, the Last Supper, Judas’ betrayal, the judgements handed down by King Herod and Pontius Pilate, and of course, the crucifixion.

Malta Art Events is very proud to be showcasing this timeless musical, through the powerful performances of seasoned artists Dušan Vitázek, Petr Gazdík and Ivana Vaňková, members of the Brno City Theatre in the Czech Republic.

We invite you to attend this thrilling event, which will capture your imagination and bring Biblical times to life.


Tickets Prices

Balcony: €19

Stalls: €29 and €39

Boxes: €39

Dress Circle: €49 and €59

Note: Children under 12 will receive a 50% discount, whilst Students and Seniors will receive a 20% discount. Patrons are advised that their identification is required at purchase and on show date.

For online Tickets Sales: visit or


Contact one of the following:

- Mediterranean Conference Centre booking office on 00356 25595750 or

- The Manoel Theatre booking office on 00356 21246389 or

- Malta Art Events on 00356 77404040 or

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